Lampang Travel Guide

Overview of Lampang

Located about 601 kilometers north of Bangkok, 101 km southeast of Chiang Mai, Lampang is the third biggest town in Thailand. The town is known for its beguiling horse-drawn carriages and tranquil environment, beautiful and pristine natural attractions. Lampang has a lot of ancient architectural buildings including Kad Kong Ta, the White Land Bridge…, and Khun Than Tunnel, the most beautiful and longest railway tunnel in Thailand to explore

Khun Than Tunnel

Khun Than Tunnel, Lampang

Street Art Lampang

Street Art Lampang

Horse Drawn Carriages

Horse Drawn Carriages

The symbol of the town is a white rooster and you can find it everywhere in Lampang, on road signs, bridges, buildings, or even the famous rooster-branded noodle ceramics bowls.

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1. Things to do in Lampang

  • Visit Enchanting Religious Sites

Lampang is home to many Religious Sites or temples. Wat Chedi Sao, Wat Phra That Lampang Luang are among the most famous temples in the town. A lot of Buddhists come to these temples to pray, therefore, you need to maintain silence to let others pray, wear clean clothes and you could be generous enough to donate a few bahts.

Wat Phra That Lampang 

  • Try northern Thai cuisine in Lampang

Deep-fricasseed rice cakes, sprinkled with palm sugar are delicious dishes in Lampang, so do not miss you the chance to taste these delicious dishes when you are here. Mae Hae restaurant is highly recommended by tourists. Dinning there, you will be able to enjoy authentic and long-established northern Thai-style dishes in a light blue building.

Street Food

Street Food in Lampang

  • Shop at Thung Kwiang Market and Walking Street

Thung Kwiang Market and Walking Street are the 2 most popular places in Lampang for shopping. Here, you will be able to sample northern Thai cuisine, buy the best handiworks from local people. When you are in Thung Kwiang Market, do not forget to try Thai delicious dishes such as deep-browned worms and its particular chicken dishes.

  • Visit Thai Elephant Conservation Centre

Thai Elephant Conservation Centre was established in 1993 under Royal Patronage. This is the place where 50 Asian elephants are being looked after in an excellent backwoods setting. The center offers numerous fun activities, such as watching an elephant bath, elephant shows, and a visit to meet baby elephants.

Thai Elephant Conservation Centre

Elephants in Thai Elephant Conservation Centre, Lampang

  • Chae Son National Park

Located 75 kilometers from the Lampang town, Chae Son National Park in Lampang is home to Chae Son waterfall, a six-layered waterfall in tallness, and many caves and hot springs. This lush national park features a huge park mountain, which is an essential water hotspot for the encompassing area. Coming here, you can also enjoy the warmth of the hot spring. You can boil eggs in the hot spring and enjoy it with soy sauce. Entrance fee for the national park: 20 baht per adult and 100 baht per child.

Chae Son National Park

Chae Son National Park, Lampang 

Chae Son National Park

Boiling eggs in Chae Son National Park, Lampang

2. How to get there

  • By Air:

Lampang's domestic airport is not far away from the city center, and you can take a direct flight from Bangkok to Lampang. Nok Air currently runs some flights to Lampang on specific days during the week, while Bangkok Airways has daily flights from Bangkok to Lampang

By Train

Lampang lies on the main Bangkok to Chiang Mai line, this town is easily reachable by train from Bangkok or Chiang Mai. The train station in Lampang is at the junction of Thanon Surane and Talart Rat Roads. From Chiang Mai, you need 2.5 hours on the train to get to Lampang, and it costs around 23baht. Bangkok train ticket fair varies depending on the train and carriage class.

  • By Bus

The main Lampang bus station is on Thanon Jant Surin. You can easily get to Lampang by bus from other cities or provinces such as Chiang Mai, Bangkok, Phitsanulok, or Chiang Rai.


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