Mae Hong Son

Northern Thailand is known for its beautiful nature, majestic mountain peaks, and hospitable people. Mae Hong Son is an ideal tourist destination to enjoy all this beauty. It is challenging to access this town because there is only one road leading to Mae Hong Son. Mae Hong Son is known to many tourists who have come here to relax. If you intend to learn about this fantastic place, the following article is right for you.


Mae Hong Son History Events

Mae Hong Son is located in the northern mountains of Thailand, not far from the city of Chiang Mai. The province was part of the ancient Kingdom of Lannathai and the Kingdom of Myanmar. A strong Myanmar influence can be seen in the architectural style of the buildings and temples.

Currently, Mae Hong Son is a settlement of the Padaung people. Padaung is a tribe that specializes in wearing brass necklaces. From 1985 - 1986, due to tourism development, they moved to the Thai - Myanmar border area, living in Mae Hong Son province until today.

Besides, about 63% of the population of this province are ethnic minorities in mountainous areas, including the Hmong, Dao, La Hu, Lisu, Akha and Karen, and San Chay. The population density of this province is the lowest among Thai provinces and is also the province with the minuscule population in Thailand.

Mae Hong Son

Mae Hong Son with a strong Burmese influence


Top Mae Hong Son's Attractions

Located far away from the westernmost tip of Thailand, Mae Hong Son, a fantastic land bordering Thailand - Myanmar, is famous for its many charming, outstanding, and very peaceful places.

Ban Rak Thai

The town of Ban Rak Thai is a beautiful tourist destination, like a fairy scene that you should not miss when coming to Mae Hong Son. Ban Rak Thai is a peaceful village that is visited by many tourists when they have the opportunity to come to Mae Hong Son. In addition to Ban Rak Thai, this place is also known as Mae Awa. The main occupation of this village is to grow and supply the famous tea.

Ban Rak Thai

Beautiful green tea field in Ban Rak Thai

In addition to the green tea field, vast and immense, you will also be able to see the simple thatched houses with old beauty that make visitors feel heartbroken. So, if you have come to Ban Rak Thai town, rent a motorbike to roam around the village and immerse yourself in this poetic space!


Wat Phra That Doi Kongmu

Wat Phra That Doi Kong Mu is a famous sacred temple of Mae Hong Son Town that you should not miss. This temple of Wat Phra That Doi Kong Mu attracts tourists from all over the world. It is also an enduring symbol of Mae Hong Son city and Thailand.

Wat Phra That Doi Kongmu

All-white temples at Wat Phra That Doi Kongmu

Wat Phra That Doi Kong Mu was built in 1860. It is located about 3km from the town center. After you reach the bottom of the hill, you can walk to the top. Or take 300 steps to get to Wat Phra That Doi Kong Mu. However, the road is a bit difficult. But once you reach Wat Phra That Doi Kong Mu with an altitude of 1,300m. You will both witness the temple's pure beauty and admire the beautiful scenery surrounding it.


Huay Pu Keng

Huay Pu Keng is a village in the remote mountainous province of Mae Hong Son, home to the Kayan long-necked ethnic group.

The village appeared near the Thai border decades ago, but the road to get there is equally arduous. First, we need to set foot on the land of Mae Hong Son, then gradually move towards the Pai River area, hire a long-tail boat, and go sightseeing along the river about 15 km downstream. To get to Huay Pu Keng, it is estimated that the travel time only takes about 1 hour.

Coming to Huay Pu Keng, you can explore "House architecture - living conditions - daily activities and especially women with long necks".

Huay Pu Keng Mae Hong Son

Long-neck people at Huay Pu Keng


Wat Chong Kham

Wat Chong Kham is a sacred temple located on the shores of Chong Nam Lake. Coming to Wat Chong Kham, you mistakenly think you are entering a realistic picture with incredible scenery. There are many large statues along with giant golden pillars. The highlight of Wat Chong Kham is that you will indeed feel overwhelmed. Those are hundreds of Jataka - old paintings painted by the hands of many talented artists.

Wat Chong Kham

Wat Chong Kham peacefully located by Mae Hong Son Lake


Mae Hong Son Lake

Mae Hong Son Lake is a beautiful and peaceful lake. Quiet during the day, nice to cycle or take a morning walk as it's fantastic. There is a temple by the lake with a giant Buddha statue. The calm waters reflecting the mountains and surroundings make for lovely photographs. Every night the lakesides come alive with food vendors, souvenir stalls, homemade crafts, bags and clothes, seasonal fruits, etc.


Mae Hong Son Walking Street & Night Market

For those who love to experience the local culture and street food, the Mae Hong Son pedestrian street night market is your paradise. Visitors coming to this place will have the opportunity to experience the typical fun activities of Mae Hong Son youth, enjoy the Mae Hong Son nightlife in the evening and have the chance to exchange, make friends, and talk with friendly people. Besides, local dishes with great prices and beautiful presentation will attract and make you irresistible. 

Mae Hong Son Night Market

Wander around Mae Hong Son night market

In addition, visitors can also go for a walk and search for souvenirs for relatives and friends in the souvenir shops and traditional crafts in the Mae Hong Son pedestrian street market.


Mae Hong Son Weather

Surrounded by rolling hills, Mae Hong Son enjoys a cool climate all year round. Therefore, visitors can visit Mae Hong Son at any time of the year without worrying about the rainy season. However, February to June is the time when the most traditional festivals take place. In particular, April 13-15 is the traditional New Year in Thailand - Songkran New Year.


Culture in Mae Hong Son

Recently, Mae Hong Son has become more and more attractive to tourists. Because of the temples with the same design as Burma. In addition, hot springs or pristine villages, and national parks are all beautiful destinations for you.

Mae Hong Son is located quite close to the border with Myanmar, so it is heavily influenced by Myanmar culture. The temples are hardly like other temples you see in Thailand. They have a pretty distinct Burma style. If you are leisurely, walk to Wat Phra That Doi Kong Mu for a panoramic view of Mae Hong Son city.

Culture In Mae Hong Son

Crossed culture between Mae Hong Son and Myanmar


Transportation in Mae Hong Son

  • How to Get to Mae Hong Son

You can take a flight from Chiang Mai, with a flight time of about 45 minutes. Meanwhile, a Bangkok - Mae Hong Son flight takes you 1,5 hours.

Besides, you can also take a bus from Chiang Mai to Mae Hong Son with a travel time of about 5 hours on winding mountain roads. You can also take the bus from Bangkok to come here, but the travel time is about 15 hours.

  • How to Get Around Mae Hong Son

To explore Mae Hong Son town, you can choose a bus or taxi or rent a motorbike.


Travel Information in Mae Hong Son

  • Since Mae Hong Son is a mountainous area, the air is a bit cold. Therefore, it would help if you carefully bring a few thick clothes.
  • Mae Hong Son has many sacred temple areas. You should also note to wear severe and neat clothes.
  • Do not scream in the sacred area.
  • You should change money before coming to Mae Hong Son. Because exchanging money in Mae Hong Son will have a lower exchange rate.
  • Please buy a 4G sim before coming to Mae Hong Son to travel.

You will no longer be surprised when discovering this famous place when you know the Mae Hong Son travel experiences, detailed and complete above. Don't forget to contact Bestprice Travel's team for more advice!

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