Must-do Activites in Nha Trang

No matter how much the tourism trend has changed over time, Nha Trang has always been hot on Vietnam’s tourism map. The stunning Pearl City is a center of politics, economy, culture, technology, and especially tourism of Khanh Hoa Province.

Nha Trang, a beautiful coastal city located in Khanh Hoa Province, attracts a massive number of domestic and foreign tourists annually for its picturesque beauty. With a magnificent natural landscape of stunningly pristine beaches and rich sources of seafood, Nha Trang is considered one of the finest luxury resorts and entertainment paradises for sunseekers.

If you still don’t know what to do in this poetic city, let’s dive right into this article and find out the best things to do in Nha Trang for your upcoming trip.

Sunbathe on The Beach

Relaxing On The Beach In Nha Trang

Nha Trang is blessed by nature with many beautiful pristine beaches. There’s nothing more comfortable than a relaxing holiday, sunbathing under the chilling sun with soft sand, jade-blue water, lush green mountains, and gently swaying palm trees. There are a bunch of beautiful pristine beaches in Nha Trang for sunbathers to choose from, such as Doc Let beach, Bai Dai beach, and Nha Trang beach. You will be greeted with long, smooth sand and crystal-clear water. Besides, Nha Trang beach is in the city center so you can easily get access to other amenities like luxury hotels, resorts, shops, and restaurants. 

Go Scuba Diving

Trying Scuba Diving In Nha Trang

Nha Trang is a top-notch place to try scuba diving. There are also PADI courses for people who want to perfect their diving skills or get more experience. Diving lovers may find places like Hon Mun Marine Park, Moray Beach, or Whale Island perfect for their enthusiasm. April and August are the best time to dive in Nha Trang with suitable weather conditions and good temperatures. 

Visit Po Nagar Cham Towers 

Po Nagar Cham Towers

On your trip to Nha Trang, don’t forget to pay a visit to Po Nagar Towers, a famous historical and cultural site. Tourists from all over the world will have the chance to explore the history of Ancient Cham people while admiring wonderful sculpture and ultimate architecture skills. The highlight of this tower is its remarkable pyramidal roof, vaulted ceiling, and grand foyer inside. Bustling annual festivals are often held at the towers from April to May. The opening time of this historical and cultural site is from 7:00 to 19:00.

Take a Cruise

Taking A Cruise In Nha Trang

Embarking on a cruise and leisurely passing through majestic islands is the best way to explore Nha Trang. A series of beautiful islands such as Mieu Island, Mun Island, Tam Island, and Yen Island are awaiting you with untouched shores.

From budget to luxury, you can choose whatever cruise line is suitable for you. Apart from island exploration, tourists can also enjoy a bunch of water activities like swimming, kayaking, and snorkeling, then savor scrumptious seafood lunch. Full-day cruises, sunrise, or sunset cruise are available. Alternatively, you can choose a simple boat that is sailed by local people.

Enjoy a Mud Spa

Enjoy Mud Bathing

During your stay in Nha Trang, why not boost your well-being and soothe your body with mud spa service? This treatment is believed to bring a lot of benefits for your health with many medicinal healing properties.

The best places to enjoy mud spas in Nha Trang are Thap Ba Hot Springs Center, I-resort, 100 Egg Mud Bath, and Galina Mud Bath in Galina Hotel. The price ranges from 200.000 VND per person for a communal bath to 3.000.000 VND per person for the VIP package.

Have Fun at Vinpearl Amusement Park

Vinpearl Amusement Park

Countless awesome activities are awaiting you and your companions to experience here at Vinpearl amusement park. When coming to this attractive place, you will have loads of fun with numerous fantastic activities and take the chance to enjoy plenty of delicious foods. Water Park and outdoor game area are great for people who are thirsting for new adventures while Vinpearl Park’s indoor amusement park offers a wide variety of games that are more suitable for different ages. The ticket price for this amazing place is VND 800,000 per adult and VND 700,000 per child. 

Taste Grilled Pork Rolls

Grilled Pork Rolls

Not only has spectacular landscapes and exciting activities, but Nha Trang is also famous for its delicious local cuisine. Grilled pork rolls are a popular Nha Trang dish that is served in many restaurants. Its main element is the grilled pork sausages, together with all kinds of vegetables, fruit slices, and herbs in rice paper.

In Nha Trang city, you can go to Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street or Phan Boi Chau street to taste this delicious dish. 

Shop at Dam Market

Dam Market

Dam Market, an ideal shopping paradise for tourists with unique architecture and numerous items from souvenirs to local products. It is considered the biggest and the most iconic market in Nha Trang.

You can find all kinds of products while practicing your bargaining skill here. Visiting this market early in the morning is a great experience as you will be able to interact with the local lifestyle as well as avoid the heat of the day.

Relax at a Luxury Resort

Mia Luxurious Resort

Nha Trang lays claim to the country’s most famous and luxurious seaside resort town. Mia resort, Amiana resort, and villas, Six senses Ninh Van Bay, or Vinpearl Luxury Nah Trang are among the best resorts in Nha Trang.

Giving yourself a vacation in a 5-star luxury resort is a relaxing and enjoyable treat with private beaches, a tranquil ambiance, and interesting recreational activities. Nha Trang resorts also provide other services that can not be found anywhere else like mud spa, beach yoga, cooking class, or snorkeling.

Tour to Hon Tre Island

Hon Tre Island

Hon Tre Island, the largest island in the Nha Trang complex, is home to Vinpearl Amusement Park, Bai Tru Beach, and Bay Lagoon. To reach Hon Tre Island from Nha Trang City, you can get on a ferry that runs from 7:00-16:00 or use speedboats which start at 8:00 every day.

The best time to visit this island is in the dry season from January to May. If you’re interested in scuba diving on this island, come here from April to August when the water is clear and the temperature is perfect. 

Admire the White Buddha

White Buddha In Long Son Pagoda

White Buddha is a well-known spiritual destination for people who want to gain a deeper insight into the Vietnam religion. From the platform at the base of the white Buddha, you can enjoy a bird’s eye view of Nha Trang and the stunning sea beyond. The White Buddha is 24 meters tall, sitting on a lotus throne.

Here, you can also see the statues of Thich Quang Duc and six other monks who set fire to themselves in protest in 1963. Seeing this Buddha in the middle of the blue sky among the vast white clouds in the famous Long Son pagoda, visitors may find inner peace and happiness. 

Play Golf

Playing Golf In Golf Course KN Golf Links

If you are interested in golf, Nha Trang is the best place in Vietnam for this interesting sport. The city has a lot of championship golf courses such as Vinpearl Golf Club Nha Trang, Golf course KN Golf Links, and Diamond Bay Golf Course. These courses are built to a professional standard only at a reasonable price. You can also enjoy the spectacular views over Nha Trang. 

Go Fishing

Go Fishing In Hon Tre Island

Nha Trang has a lot of islands and islets, rivers, ponds, and lakes making it a suitable place for fishing. Hon Mun, Hon Tam, Hon Mot are popular spots for fishing. The best season for fishing is in the spring when the fish often float to the surface of the water and are easily hooked. Go fishing in the early morning or late afternoon when you go fishing in the river, but you had better fish at night when you are on the sea.

Visit the Art Gallery and Museum

Display In Yersin Museum Nha Trang

Visiting art galleries and museums is one of many pleasing activities when traveling to a new city. National Oceanographic Museum and Alexandre Yersin Museum are among the top attractive museums in Nha Trang where visitors can get a glimpse at many interesting historical values as well as discover more about natural marine life.

Do Dien Khanh Gallery and Long Thanh Gallery are also worth visiting. Tourists can come to these galleries to learn about the story of local life in the countryside.

Eat Chinese Food

Chinese Food

Nha Trang is one of the best places in Vietnam to find delicious Chinese food, from street vendors to luxury restaurants. The best restaurants to taste Chinese food in Nha Trang are Nha Trang Dimsum House, Hutong Ariyana Nha Trang, Crystal Jade Kitchen Ariyana, and Phuc Mieu Dimsum & Tea House. They have delicious Chinese food at a reasonable price.

Take a Jet Ski Tour

Jet Ski Tour

Jet ski tour is right for travelers who love speed. Learning how to control the motor is not too difficult, and you will be able to drive in just a few minutes. It’s interesting to have a go at this game with your friends. On the moto jetski, you will be able to discover islands, and waterways, or see monkeys, and local lifestyles. There is an option to stop on the island for a beach session and look for marine life if you snorkel in the sea.

Try Parasailing

Double Parasailing

Another thrilling and bold activity that you might be fond of is parasailing. You will be provided with a life vest, and some fundamental lessons, and quick tips on how to parasail.

A parasailing trip takes around 15 minutes, but everything goes faster than you may think. You are air-bound for a few seconds, then a few seconds later you are high in the air, so get your chance to see the bay from above. Hom Tam is among the best places in Nha Trang to try this game.

Experience Flyboard


A unique kind of water sport that will definitely catch your attention is flyboard. You will experience an awesome feeling of conquering the blue horizon and feel like a superhero standing on the ocean while witnessing the scenery below you. A short session for flyboard is about 10-15 minutes, or a longer one lasts about 20-25 minutes. 

Cycle Around the Countryside

Cycle Around The Countryside

Experience the fascinating Vietnamese countryside in Nha Trang with cycling activity. Seize the opportunity to have an insight into the daily lifestyle of ethnic minority people by interacting with them and exploring their everyday tasks. You can also enjoy the peaceful atmosphere full of palm trees, fruit orchards, and irrigated rice paddy fields. There are a lot of tour operators having a cycling trip to the countryside in Nha Trang. You can book one by clicking Countryside Biking Safaris Full Day.

Challenge with River Rafting

Rafting In Cai River

River rafting is considered an extreme sport and can be fatal. This game is for people who love speed and adventure. It can be done on whitewater or different degrees of rough water, which creates a challenging environment for participants. This is absolutely a great choice to move your muscles a little bit and enjoy life a little more.

River rafting in Nha Trang is often combined with Mountain Biking, making it a full-day Mountain Biking & Rafting tour.

Soak at Hot Springs Center

Thap Ba Hot Springs Center

If you are tired from all the adventurous activities, hot spring center is an ideal place for you to relax and improve your well-being. Hot springs are known to have a number of therapeutic benefits. Thap Ba Hot Springs Center, I-resort, and 100 Egg Mud Bath are among the best places where you can try hot springs, together with a mud bath. This combination will be a great experience, and worth trying at least once.

For more details click Thap Ba Hot Spring & Mud Bath Half day

Visit Hon Chong Promontory

Hon Chong Promontory

Hon Chong is a natural landscape that attracts numerous people coming to visit every year. This place consists of two enormous groups of rocks lying by the sea with rocks lying in disorder. It is not the only place for sightseeing, but there is a beach where you can swim or climb on the rock.

To get here, tourists can take a taxi or sign up for a Nha Trang Culture Tour Full Day which stops at Hon Chong Promontory.

Call on Monkey Island

Monkey Island

Monkey island is one of the most interesting destinations for tourists to explore beautiful landscapes and ancient ruins. Visiting this Monkey Island, you can feed and play with over 1,000 monkeys on the island. However, remember not to carry the food with you as you can be stolen by the playful monkeys. There is also a beach here where you can swim, go snorkeling, try scuba diving, or watch some funny animal shows.

To get there, you need to take a boat or book a tour like Monkey Island – Doc Let Beach Full day.

Visit a Fishing Village

Fishing Village

The fishing village is a perfect destination for foreign visitors who want to have a more authentic experience when traveling in Nha Trang. The lifestyle in these villages is different from the city life. Local people are hardworking despite hardships in life. Children enjoy playing a game using their slippers and a can with a string. It is great if you can visit the local communities and support them with some donations.

Join a Cooking Class

Cooking Class

Vietnamese traditional cuisine is famous around the world for its diverse, rich, and exotic flavor from region to region. Take your chance to join our cooking class and develop your skill while learning more about Vietnamese culture. Nha Trang is the best place in Vietnam to learn how to cook seafood dishes. During the cooking class, the chef will instruct you on how to cook delicious Vietnamese dishes and share with you the special techniques which can not be found in any books. Feel free to ask any questions or ask for the secret to make the dishes successful from the cook. 

Explore the National Oceanographic Museum of Vietnam 

Colorful Fish In The National Oceanographic Museum Of Vietnam

The National Oceanographic Museum of Vietnam is always on top of the most visited museums in Nha Trang with a large exhibit of local marine life, including over 20,000 live and preserved marine specimens.

Visitors have the chance to explore a wide variety of colorful fish as well as other preserved specimens, animal skeletons, local boats, and fishing artifacts. One of the highlights of the museum is the skeleton of a humpback whale, which is 18 meters in length and 18,000kg in weight. The museum entrance fee is less than 2 USD.

Conquer Ba Ho Waterfalls

Ba Ho Waterfalls

Ba Ho Waterfalls is a great choice for tourists who love physical activities. Here you can experience hiking, swimming, fishing, or even jumping. Therefore you need to be fit enough and prepare proper shoes. Located 20 kilometers north of Nha Trang, the waterfall consists of a series of three tiers and swimming pools at the bottom of each. To reach this waterfall, you can hire a bike or take part in a tour. The entrance fee is less than 1 USD.

Immerse in Yang Bay

Musical Performance In Yang Bay Eco Park

Yang Bay is an Eco Park that is named after the largest waterfall in the park. It has three picturesque waterfalls which are Ho Che, and Yang Kang Yang Bay with cool and clear water. Some of the engaging activities to do in Yang Bay are swimming or visiting a small zoo with animal shows and musical performances. Tourists can also taste a series of specialties of braised termite with medicinal herbs, tamarind roasted Yang Bay crab, and other delicious seafood.

Visit Nha Trang Cathedral 

Nha Trang Cathedral

A trip to Nha Trang is incomplete without a visit to Nha Trang Cathedral, the largest church in the city with eye-catching magnificent architecture. Visitors can admire the unique mixture of French and Vietnamese design. The church is open daily from 5:00-18:30 for the local Catholic community and tourists. It is a good place to enjoy the beautiful architecture, do sightseeing, and take photos. 

Go to Tri Nguyen Aquarium 

Tri Nguyen Aquarium

Among all the interesting aquariums and oceanic institutes in Nha Trang, you should not miss Tri Nguyen Aquarium, a unique aquarium designed with a structure like an aquarium in the fairytale. Coming here, you will have a chance to explore the ocean bottom and contemplate the life of marine species, the companion of the mermaid, and much more. Being in Tri Nguyen Aquarium, you will feel like getting lost in a Palace with attractive and abundant flora and fauna.


There are a bunch of absorbing and attractive things to do in Nha Trang. We hope that the list above is useful for your upcoming remarkable experience in Vietnam.