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Safari World

It would be a big mistake if you do not consider Safari World Bangkok one of your must-visit destinations to make your Thailand journey become unforgettable at all. Keep reading the article below to dig deeper into Thailand’s most famous safari park.


Safari World Bangkok is located on the outskirts of Northern Bangkok, which is 40 km away from central Bangkok. The Park comprises of 2 distinct sections, Safari Park and Marine Park that each park provides visitors with endlessly extraordinary joy and dramatically wonderful experience. Coming to the Safari World to discover the sheer beauty of Thailand’s nature and wildlife, you will always get dazzled by miracle things may happen from your imagination. All tourists will stand a great chance to closely surround themselves with a vast number of exotic animals, mostly from rare and endangered species like rhinos, tigers and orangutans. If you take a trip to the Park along with your family, it is surely a perfect option for everyone enjoying excitement while learning amazing things about the wildlife and environment of Thailand.

Safari World MapCheck out the map of Safari World Bangkok with various amazing spots


  • Immerse yourself into a true animal world at Safari Park

Safari Park is considered the greatest open zoo not only in Thailand but also in all Southeast Asia Countries. The Park features an incredibly thrilling jungle safari that is undoubtedly the best choice for visitors longing for discovering mysterious things in wildlife. Visitors will land in here as the first stop of their unforgettable Safari World trip to watch a myriad of exotic animals such as lions, camel, antelopes, orangutan, rhinoceros and so on. You tend to spend around at least 45 minutes to explore the extraordinary wild creatures on 8 km journey. Hope you learn wonderful things about wildlife during the stay!

Car Trip At Safari ParkGet incredibly thrilling moments with wild animals surrounding at Safari Park on a car trip

  • Visit the extraordinary marine life at Marine Park

Travelling under the marvellous sea at Marine World is the next must-do to help you bring home unforgettable moments of astonishment from your stay at Marine World Bangkok. Here you can take a good opportunity to get better familiar with underwater wildlife for watching amazing animal shows from sea lion show to dolphin show. You may never imagine how smart sea animals is until you attend the show at Marine Park! Don’t hesitate any more to give Marine Park a visit to get relaxing moments under an airy atmosphere with exciting live shows!

Dolphin ShowSit down and have fun watching dolphin passing challenges in a live show

  • Go boating along the Jungle Cruise River

There is nothing but an excellent idea for mixing a boat trip with a jungle excursion that will keep attendants hooked every time on board. Go take your adventurous trip now to get pass through a jungle with a rich biodiversity of Asia and Africa that you just can watch these magnificent sceneries from movies. A 30-minute cruise will provide visitors with a chance to meet elephants, gorillas and even crocodiles to create the truest experience of wildlife. What a pity for those missing the boat trip along the Jungle Cruise River! Your wonderful trip to Marine World Bangkok wouldn’t complete without participating in that activity!

Jungle Cruise RiverGet ready to be overwhelmed by natural features on river banks during your boar tour

  • Go for a walk at fascinating Jungle Walk

Have you ever wondered about a trip to real nature that can help you release all pressure in life? Here you can find out your answer as walking through the Jungle Walk at Safari World Bangkok. Jungle Walk is definitely a paradise for taking a leisure stroll through a simulated jungle. You don’t need to worry about the authenticity to your experience as the jungle is carefully constructed to bring a lot of native species of animals living in the wilderness in front of visitors’ eyes. One important thing you should always bear in mind is to follow the direction signs not to get lost. This may limit your experience for people fancying discovering the forest on their own, but the safety of visitors should be put priority!

Jungle WalkPass by scenic Jungle Walk to get surprised at the rich system of flora and fauna

How to get to Safari World Bangkok

  • By a combination of BTS Skytrain and Public Bus

It is unfortunate that there is no direct BTS or MRT train travelling to Safari World Bangkok, so you may need to combine train and bus to arrive at the Park. That combination is deemed the most suitable option for tight budget travellers for offering the cheapest fee and some who die for experiencing a journey like an authentic Thai local. However, you should think carefully before opting for that option because you will spend up to 2 hours and must transfer several times! Therefore, for you having a desire for saving much energy for the wonderful exploration of the Park ahead, you won’t be recommended for taking that means of transport.

Bangkok Public BusBangkok Public Bus is always the cheapest means of transportation to get to Safari World

  • By Taxi

There is no doubt that private taxi would be the fastest mode of transportation and create the most comfortable travel experience for every passenger. Having a trip on taxi is a real dream for people not so good at navigation with direct transportation from the starting point to the destination. Another common way except for hopping on a taxi traditionally is booking a trip via the famous ride-hailing app Grab. Open the app, all you need to do is to input pick-up and drop-off point, check the price and hit the booking button! The app allows you to keep track of the whole route and you can rate the trip and get considerable discounts for later trips!

Taxi BangkokMake sure to negotiate for the best price if you hop on a taxi

  • By Shuttle Bus

Getting to Safari World from downtown Bangkok by a shuttle bus is believed to be the best choice among these options mentioned. First, a shuttle bus will provide you with the most convenience. You now can lessen your travel time as well as your stress levels. You can even skip the ticketing queue at the entrance as you can take advantage of the availability of entry ticket to the Safari World Bangkok attached on every shuttle bus. Besides, there is no need to walk from a normal bus stop to the entrance because the shuttle bus offers direct transportation to the Park. Another salient plus point is travelling by shuttle bus is the safest way in Thailand!

Shuttle BusShuffle bus turns out to be the best option for most of the visitors coming to Safari World

Further information

  • Entrance ticket to Safari World Bangkok

There are 2 main options you can choose to buy an entrance ticket to Safari World Bangkok, purchase the ticket directly at the ticket booth or book it online. Normally, a ticket to Safari Park will cost you around 32 USD while a ticket to Marine Park will cost you 38 USD. The more economical way is to buy a ticket to both these 2 Parks as you just spend nearly 44 USD to grasp all exceptional experience around the Safari World. If you prefer booking online tickets, you can find many tickets at promotional prices and you can save more time when not lining up at the ticket booth. After confirming your travel date and payment, you will get an e-voucher through your e-mail. On the day of the trip, you just have to present the voucher to the staff at the counter to exchange for a physical ticket.

  • Operating hours of Safari World Bangkok

On Monday to Friday, Safari Park will open from 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM. You can visit Marine Park at any time between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM. At the weekend, the opening hours will last later at both Parks. Safari Park will close at 5:00 PM and Marine Park will close at 6:00 PM. Consider the travel time seriously before the trip not to miss any chance to discover Safari World Bangkok to the fullest!

In short, Safari World Bangkok is truly worth your Thailand trip for being a mesmerizing place specially designed for you! At Safari World, you cannot expect more as 2 themed parks, Safari Park and Marine Park will satisfy your dream of living in real wildlife. Hope that you can take useful tips and information from the article above to make your upcoming trip to Safari World Bangkok a trip of your lifetime!

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Budget Bangkok Family Trip 7 days
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Safari World Map

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Is safari world Bangkok open on a monday? I saw online that it is closed during this time. What is true?


Hi, Bangkok Safari World closes on Mondays. They only sell tickets from Tuesdays to Sundays. 

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Hello, I have several question as below: 1. Which online company that selling the ticket with a good price? 2. Which meet point of shuttle bus from downtown Bangkok to Safari World? 3. Is the shuttle bus take us back from Safari world to downtown Bangkok? Thank you


Hi! Please find your answer below:

1. You can try book the ticket on Klook

2. Klook provide bus to Safari World - pick-up point is at Central World

3. Yes, there's returned bus

For more information, please check here

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Hello Is the oct timetables (oct 13- Friday) for dolphin & sea lion shows available now? Many thanks


Hi! Usually, the dolphin show is at 1.30 p.m. & sea lion shows is at 2.15 p.m. on Friday weekly.

The show time may be changed or canceled due to weather/technique/etc. problems, you should double check with safari staff when you arrive.

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is there any charges for the safari coach available on site? if yes can this be booked online or is it on site booking


Hi! There's a fee for safari coach for tourists who don't have their own cars, it's about 60 Baht/person. Usually, you can't book the coach online, you have to buy coach ticket directly at the safari.

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Is that any restaurant in marine park?


As far as we know, the buffet restaurant is in the Marine Park area of Safari World.

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