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Vientiane - Weather

The climate in Vientiane is tropical, with distinct dry and rainy seasons. When the southwest monsoon season begins, the city experiences humid days with temperatures ranging from 24 to 37 degrees Celsius. Vientiane is best visited between November and February before temperatures begin to climb in March. 

Dry Season

  • Period: November - April
  • Average Temperature: 17-27°C
  • Humidity Level: 70%
  • Sunshine Rate: 220 - 250 hours/month

The weather is cool and dry from November through February, with temperatures ranging from 16°C to 30°C with little rain.

March and April are the hottest months, with daytime temperatures ranging from 33°C to 34°C. These two months are often known as the hot season. Learn more about the weather in Laos in April and November. 

Best things to do

  • Travel around the city to grasp the best scenes.
  • Discover the golden temples and pagodas that become more splendid.
  • Take some photos under the clear sky and dazzling sunshine.

Travel Around The City To Grasp The Best Scenes Is Ideal In Dry Season

Grasp The Best City Scenes Is Ideal In Dry Season

Wet Season

  • Period: May - October
  • Average Temperature: 25-30°C
  • Humidity Level: > 80%
  • Sunshine Rate: 125 - 200 hours/month

The temperature lowers somewhat, but precipitation approaches its climax. This is often referred to as the rainy season or the green season. During the wettest months of July and August, there could be more than 20°C rainy days in a month.

The typhoon season lasts from August through October. Learn more about the weather in Laos between August and October. 

Best things to do

  • Spend more time admiring the details of temples because this is the low season with fewer crowds at attractions. 
  • It is also a great idea to visit some markets, which are also familiar to local people.

Between November and March, the majority of tourists visit Vientiane. Remember that these are the busiest months for tourists in Laos' capital city. While winter airline and hotel charges are higher, the weather in Vientiane is pleasant for touring.  

April is hot and humid, but it's also the finest month to observe the natives celebrate the New Year with a water celebration. Vientiane's Songkran celebration is akin to that of Thailand, albeit smaller and less crowded with foreigners. 

It Is A Great Idea To Visit Some Markets On Rainy Days

It Is A Great Idea To Visit Some Markets On Rainy Days


Vientiane Monthly Temperature & Rainfall Averages

Throughout the year, temperatures in Vientiane range from 14°C to 34°C. 

March and April are the two hottest months, with maximum temperatures reaching 34°C; visiting Vientiane during these months allows you to save money due to a lesser tourist population. 

December and January appear to be the coldest months due to the lowest temperature of 14°C. However, visiting and enjoying numerous stunning sceneries is a beautiful time. 

The table below shows the monthly temperature and average rainfall in Vientiane: