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Nong Khiaw is famous for mountainous landscape with trekking activities. The “100 Waterfalls” in Nong Khiaw attracts thousands tourists every year, which is known as the best place to trek in Laos. If you are an adventure-lover, you cannot be missed to explore this area.

Sailing a boat for a few hours in Nam Ou river, across a valley and small village to reach the foot of 100 waterfalls. This area was first explored in 2008 then Tiger Trail, which is the biggest company in town, introduced and made it become a famous tourist attraction.

100 Waterfalls

100 Waterfalls

Due to the trail condition, you should traveling to 100 waterfalls in dry season, wear waterproof shoes to avoid slicking and protect your foot from leeches. In the beginning, you can enjoy on beautiful green fields then the trail through the forest is more difficult to go. After about 1 hour trekking along a stream, tourists can see the waterfalls.

The “100 Waterfalls” does not have enough 100 waterfalls, it was just a poetic name. Walking carefully on one after another waterfalls will be very interesting. The terrain of waterfalls is various, there are some bamboo ladders in some slope sections. Make sure that you remember bringing your swimwear to enjoy the swimming pools around the waterfalls.

Guided Trek

Guided Trek

There are some important items that you are recommended to take by yourself such as: a hat, sunscreen, mosquito repellent and soap to bath after a long time walking on soil path.

Notice that the entrance fee to 100 Waterfalls is US $1.20 per person, hiring a local guide costs US $5.80 and US $0.58 for accommodation. Tourists can catch a mini bus or hiring a private car to go Nong Khiaw before riding a boat in Nam Ou river. If you have no experience in traveling abroad, you can find a Laos tour to enjoy the trip easier.

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