2 Weeks in Myanmar Itinerary: Journey of Dream to Buddhist

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Myanmar is a fascinating country with beauty throughout a fairytale land immersing in golden pagodas and ancient temples. If you have the intention to visit Myanmar for 2 weeks, this detailed itinerary covers all highlights of each place to take the most panoramic view of this long trip. 2 weeks in Myanmar is neither too long nor too short, but it is enough for you to immerse yourself in Buddhist culture not only with the bustling life of Yangon but also the mesmerization with the pristine nature of Bagan and Mandalay. Let’s explore 2 weeks in Myanmar with us with a brief itinerary as below.

Day 1: Yangon Arrival

Yangon, also called Rangon, is the former administrative capital and the largest city in Myanmar, it is the gateway to the land of golden pagodas. On your arrival date, you will have to find a way to transfer from Yangon Airport to the center, right? There are several options depending on your budget you could choose:

  • You can book a private car directly from your hotel in Yangon.
  • It will have numerous airport taxi brands right outside the airport gate for you to ask for a pickup
  • A new airport shuttle bus service has been gone into operation with 500MMK/ person with many buses stops around Yangon to drop you off at your required address.

As your first day coming to Yangon you will be definitely excited to go out and explore new things in this bustle and hustle city. Some recommendations below might help you unleash your curiosity on the first day in Myanmar.

  • Gazing sunset in Shwedagon Pagoda – the famous landmark of Yangon
  • Having a romantic dinner in the incredible Karaweik Palace Yangon with cultural complex
  • Soaking yourself in the Cultural interference with China in China Town

Yangon City

Yangon City

Day 2: Yangon - Kyaikhtiyo Temple - Golden Rock

Making a beginning of your new day with the national dish of Myanmar - Mohinga will be an interesting experience to know about Burmese daily life. This dish made from rice noodles covered in rich and spicy fish broth with duck egg, bean fritters together with fish sauce, and many spices such as lemongrass, ginger, and chili.

After the colourful and tasty breakfast, Let‘s start our journey of the dream to Kyaipun Buddha and today's highlight destination - Golden Rock on the top of Mt. Kyaikhtiyo.

Kyaipun Buddha – one of the unusual temples as this design is different from others you have been to. It doesn't have any towers and only has four directions huge Buddha statues in the city of Bago. It was built by King Dhammazedi in 1476.

Next, Coming to Golden Rock Pagoda (Kyaikhtiyo Pagoda), which is one of Myanmar's extremely famous monuments and is classified as one of the very few masterpieces of nature. The temple is located on the top of Mount Kyaikhtiyo with an altitude of over 1,000 meters above sea level and more than 200 km from Yagoon. The special feature of this destination is the strange rock covered in gold lies on the edge of a cliff as if it will fall down right now. The pilgrimages believe owing to a precise Buddha hair in the stupa on the top of the rock, the rock could standstill.

When the night is falling down, you will fall in love with the panorama superb scene, the glowing and sparkling gold temple deep in the murmuring of prayer and smoke of incense.

Golden Rock

Golden Rock


Day 3: Golden Rock - Bago – Yangon

This is the last day you are in Bago, if you are a sunrise lover, chasing this natural phenomenon will definitely never let you down. At your breakfast, another favorite choice that has a much lighter flavor than Mohinga is Shan Noodles with both wet and dry noodles. As the heavy influence of China, there will have 5 spice seasonings like anise and Sichuan pepper in the taste of noodles.
It had better for you to catch the afternoon flight as the driving time from Bago to Yangon will take about 4 hours and it only wastes 1 hour from Yangon to Heho.

Lied on the highlands with cool and fresh weather year-round, it is not only a very favourable geographical location that attracts every tourisms come but Heho is the primary gateway to famous tourist attractions like Taunggyi or Shan State, especially beautiful Inle Lake. Besides, this land is famous for traditional festivals and if you can join Shin Pyu Festival, also referred to the Buddhist Orders Festival, it will be really lucky for you. This festival is made to celebrate the novitiate monastic ordination of a boy under the age of 20 which is the most important responsibility of parents for their son to let them learn the teachings of the Buddha.

After a long drive and flight, I bet you are really tired and need to relax, spend your night wandering some places around.


Day 4: Indein - Inle Lake

Welcome again to Heho, How do you feel today? A long journey is still waiting for you ahead so revamp your spirits and keep going.

Start your trip to the place where you can see the culture of the ethic in the clearest way - Indein market. This market is famous for colorful minority tribes: Pa-O, Danu, and Intha people who congregate to sell and buy goods.

On the way to your next destination, you will utterly be appealed by simple life on the river with wooden stilt houses, the way fishermen work on the lake. You will see one of the highlights that every tourist longing for going to Inle Lake is the mesmerizing image of local fisherman of paddling technique standing on one-legged at the top of the boat through the bright sunshine of Myanmar. Like a ballet performer with the combination multitasking of the whole body, the fisherman wraps his legs around the oar and begins rotating his leg to move the boat along and when the fish comes, he will lift his conical net basket into the air before plunging it into the water.

Sailing down winding canals to ancient Pa-oh villages of Indein, you will have a wonderful experience visiting the village and the local life of Pa-oh People. On the way, hundreds of ruin ancient pagodas and many restored ones in different shapes and sizes are covered in greenery gives Indein an unquestionably mystic atmosphere.

Inle Lake

Inle Lake

Day 5: Inle Lake- Sagar Village

On the fifth day, Let's continue to explore the lives of ethnic minorities of Pao and Inthas in Sangha and Hmawbi area. The first cultural place could be seen in Shan Village, Kyauktaing, where are environs of Sagar where living Shan ethnic and Innthar ethnic. It is famous for earthenware pottery works.

Next, Let’s come to Kyainkhan village located on the way to Sagar and well known for pottery village and product from monk robes from fabrics of thousands of lotus stems and the product high degree alcohol.

At your lunchtime, you can go to Thar Kaung Pagoda placed in the village of Sagar, in the southern part of Inlay Lake. There are 236 stupas, which are dated 13-18 century period. It is really worth visiting as you can seek valuable ancient artefacts here.

The last destination of your trip today, you will have more knowledge about silk making from skilled weavers in the silk weaving village of In Phaw Khon and find out the history and the interesting story of the biggest and oldest monastery in Nga Phe Chaung.

Travel to Sagar Village in Inlke

Travel to Sagar Village in Inlke


Day 6: Inle Lake - Heho – Mandalay

Say goodbye to dreamlike Inle Lake. We will take the flight in the morning to Mandalay.

Mandalay is the last royal capital of Myanmar and the second-largest city in Burma (after Yangon). It is an enchanting city full of horse-drawn carriage taxis, moreover, it is the large religious hub of upper Myanmar because half of Burma's monks learn and live in Mandalay.

From the airport, it will take about 1 hour to the center to start a sightseeing tour to the ancient capital of Amarapura.

As it is nearly 10 am o’clock, it's time for you to come to Maha Gandhayon Kyaung where you could see hundreds of monks waiting in long queues for their meals. It is the largest ancient monastery in Amarapura and also the educational center for young novices and monks for over 3,000 monks.

It is unforgettable to visit U Bein Bridge on your trip near Maha Gandhayon Kyaung Monastery. U Bein Bridge is famous for the 160 years old age and the longest teakwood bridge in the world.

Continue our tour to Mahamuni, It is one of the most crucial Buddhist pilgrimage sites in Burma. Inside the temple, the huge golden Buddha Image has a highly revered Buddha image in Burma. It is reported to weigh up to 12 tonnes owing to all of the golden “leaves” placed on by tourists or pilgrimagers.

In the afternoon, Let’s contemplate the example of 19th-century Burmese teak architecture, Shwenandaw Kyaung Temple. This is the most imperative historical building in Mandalay, for the reasons that, it is the only remaining structure of the former wooden Royal Palace.

You will be overwhelmed by this next haven, on the grounds that, you will enter the most giant book which is made by 729 marble slabs with each stone slab representing one page. Kuthodaw Paya is regarded as the world‘s greatest book carved to preserve the teachings of the Buddha.

As the dark seem to turn down, Let’s enjoy the panoramic view on Mandalay Hill


Day 7: Mandalay – Mingun – Innwa – Sagaing

Today we will have a new experience on the boat to explore every destination along the river.

You will make our journey from the jetty heading to Mingun. This destination is well known for the unfurnished great pagoda which is the largest pagoda in the world (150 meters respectively), Pahtodawgyi Pagoda; the largest 90-tonne ringing bell in the world, Mingun Bell; the most beautiful archaeological style in white with great panoramic pictures of Hsinbyume (Myatheindan) Pagoda.

Keep going on to Inwa, you can envision a long extraordinary time being the capital of Myanmar for over four centuries, due to the reason that the ruins, the massive walls, moats around the capital. Inwa was damaged by the earthquake in 1838. This ancient imperial city now becomes a rural area in the remains of high masonry Nan Myint watchtowers, city walls, many monasteries such as Maha Aung Myae Bonsan (Brick Monastery), Bagaya Kyaung monastery, and massive city walls.

In Inwa, Bagaya Kyaung monastery has renowned with towering architecture by teak and it is used as a monastery till now. Traveling on a horse-drawn cart will make you have a memorable experience in Inwa.

The place specialized for Budhhist devotees you will visit now is Sagang Hill. Arriving Umin Thonesae and Soon Oo Ponya Shin Paya, it will be really ideal location to see Sagang city, Ayerwaddy river view, and the sunset at twilight. Enjoy your last day in Mandalay before going to Bagan tomorrow.

Budhhist Devotees in Mandalay

Budhhist Devotees in Mandalay


Day 8: Mandalay – Bagan

Good to meet you in Bagan. Welcome to the house of over two thousand Buddhist temples with the classic beauty of oldness and quietness. Here you also could see clearly the local feeling of Bagan person especially when you come to Nyaung U Market. We would definitely recommend trying to go this market owing to gracious sellers, the haven of from goods to souvenirs such as lacquerware, paintings with far more reasonable prices.

I will have to remind you that the fairytale world into padogas will open up right in front of you now. First, Let’s explore Shwezigon pagoda - one of the oldest and the most extraordinary monuments of Bagan. The second pagoda with majestic three floors temple on the large field of Bagan is Htilominlo pagoda. Don't hesitate to go to Ananda Pagoda as it is the most beautiful pagoda and well -preserved until now from 1091 A.D. The end of the fairytale will be the happy ending, right? You will need to find for yourself some ideal spots to observe this incredible phenomenon. Some suggestions you can consider such as Bagan Viewing Tower, Irrawaddy River.



Day 9: Bagan - Mt.Popa – Salay

Good morning on the semi-cloudy day in Bagan. The plan today will take you to the southern of Bagan paralleling the Irrawaddy River. day After breakfast at the hotel, begin with a drive south, parallel to the Irrawaddy River, en route to Salay. After one hour we'll make a stop in Chauk which has a colorful morning market to explore. Continue to Salay (30 minutes) an important center of Buddhism in Myanmar with many active monasteries.

You will take some rest after one-hour driving to a colorful market then continue to Salay – home of famed writer and poet of the-Bagan era Salay U Pon Nya and the cultural heritage site with famous architectures from astonishing woodcarvings

Here you come to the main destination of our today trip today – one of iconic Myanmar.

Mount Popa featured with the sacred monastery, stupas glistening gold lied on an extinct volcano 1518 meters above sea level. Moreover, you will have to be cautious with numerous amounts of monkey population along the passageways up to the peak of Mount Popa with vertical 777 steps. From the top of Mount Popa, it can be seen clearly Ayeyarwady River as far away as 60 km and see the panoramic view of sunset slowly going down.



Day 10: Bagan - Ngapali Beach

At first, I thought that Myanmar is similar to Laos – a country without the sea. Honestly, the fame from golden pagoda land hides hidden charm from beautiful beaches in the southwest of Burma, Ngapali. This beach is stretching over 10km with an unspoiled paradise, a gem sparking in crystal-clear blue water. The best time to get away from it all and go off the beaten track to Ngapali is from October to May to catch the best experience as it will be the rainy season in the summer.


Day 11: Ngapali

Open your day with the glorious sunrise shining through your room. Let's go out the beach to experience another angle of view of local life through fishing villages - Jate Taw (Gyeik Taw) where fishermen prepare drift nets to go to the sea before dawn and the wives on the shores carry the baskets of fresh fishes back home.

There are some restaurants to enjoy during your short trip:

  • Sea Queen - Ngapali Beach Rakhine State
    The fantastic hospitality from the family to share each ingredient in these dishes with fresh, reasonable price and the menu with a wide range of salads and seafood
  • Pleasant View Islet Restaurant: really good food, excellent service and best of all is in a wonderful location.


Day 12: Ngapali Beach - Free & Leisure

Is there anything else interesting in Ngapali if you spend one more day exploring this place?

  • Unique and magnificent hot air balloon flight in Oriental Ballooning Trip in Ngapali: Great experience of flying with vintage style hot air balloon and fantastic sightseeing trip over colorful landscapes, pagodas, reservoirs, dense green forest area, Linthar, and Myabyin villages. You also can enjoy the view of sunrise plus the shadow of the balloon on the hill, while drifting along Ngapali Beach on the coastline of the Andaman Sea.
  • Exclusive memorable trip ever for bird lovers with Half Day Birding Village Tour Ngapali - Discover watching endangered species of birds in cultural heritage sites around Nghet Pyaw Chaung Lake and a visit to the art exhibition at Linn Thar Village.
  • Amazing Snorkelling experience on Boat Trip: Have an amazing time with fun fishing, snorkeling to explore the diverse undersea world, and finally wonderful and exquisite lunch on a deserted beach
  • Ngapali River Rafting Half-Day Trip: Enjoy half-day with a fun and astonishing experience rafting at Thanwe River and travel to the local village to explore their daily lifestyle and countryside scenery during your holiday in Ngapali. This experience is perfect for all ages and all beginners as there are no rapids or white water during the 2.5 hours of rafting.


Day 13: Ngapali - Thandwe – Yangon

Goodbye Ngapali Beach, Let’s flight back to Yangon. On the way to the hotel, Coming by Kabar Aye (the World Peace pagoda), built in 1952 which is famous for the Sixth World Buddhist Synod in 1954. The Buddhist Art Museum at the Kabar Aye Pagoda has a wide collection of religious paraphernalia and Buddhist texts.

To the North of the World Peace Pagoda, Maha Pasana (the great cave for Buddhist synod) is well-known for a great man-made cave and an internal dimension of 220 feet made in the shape of the cave in India.

One of the markets you shouldn’t miss out on is Bogyoke Aung San Market with hundreds of local products such as Gems & Jewelry, slippers, cloth…. The traditional food of local people will also present fully in the evening strolling along with China Town.


Day 14: Yangon Free Day

Spend the last day to sneak in each corner of Yangon that you haven’t had the chance to plan before. Some strange thing would make you excited as below:

  • Try Indian Food in Little India
  • Hop on the bus to travel around the city
  • Power up in best clubs in Yangon




Day 15: Departure Yangon

Do you find lacking anything on your last trip to Yangon? Have you tried tea leaf salad? I’m sure that no other country makes this strangely addictive salad like in Myanmar. This unique dish could be found everywhere with the combination of pickled tea leaves, sesame seeds, tomatoes, dried shrimps, peanuts.

To wrap it all up, wandering around all Myanmar for 15 days to live in the rich culture and generous local people, I definitely affirm you will become a real Burmese. With this detailed plan of Myanmar Tours which is set up carefully by Bestprice Travel, every single minute of your trip will be surely worthy.

Hera Tran

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