Ban Nanyang

Ban Nanyang in Laos is a small village known for the traditional cotton weaving, tobacco and rice farming. Comming here, you not only have chance to interact with local people but also understand deeply about the traditional indigo dying process and weaving skills.

Ban Nanyang village is inhabited by Lu people, who are original from Yunnan, China. This village has a small number of inhabitants, about 500 people, and their works to gain livings are cotton weaving and rice farming. Each household has 2 to 3 weaving looms and people always try to preserve their traditional craft over many generations.
Besides, recently tourism also contributes to increase the income of local people here. Visit Ban Nanyang, travellers have chance to understand deeply indigo dying process, cotton preparation and weaving skills. If you want to buy some souvenirs, colorful scarfs or table clothes are the best choices.
Moreover, do not forget to spend time on visiting small houses, interacting with weavers and even tasting local dishes.

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