Ban Xanghai

Located along the Mekong River's bank near Luang Prabang, Ban Xanghai is known as "whiskey village" and also a common stop for boat trips going to visit Pak Ou Caves. Besides whisky making, this village is also famous for paper making and silk weaving.

This place is whisky village because people make and sell local whisky or Lao Lao here. The bottles of wine in this village are special because the makers soak many kinds of creepy crawlies, from scorpions, geckos, centipedes and snakes into whisky. Try it and you will realize that the taste is stronger than the normal whisky sold in supermarket.
Besides the special local whisky, tourists have chance to experience the Sa paper making process. This kind of paper is made from the bark of the Mulberry tree. The thick Sa papers are the main materials to make cards, lanterns or even umbrellas. Moreover, walking around Ban Xanghai village, it is very easy to catch the sight of local women weaving a part of silk. Based on the sophisticated design and the time for maning natural material, the silk will be completed after 3 days or even one month.

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