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Top 5 Amazing Beaches in Hue 2024

January 03, 2024 - 242 views

"Where is the best place to travel in the summer?' - Have you ever cared for this question? Nothing is more wonderful than immersing yourself in the cool blue sea and dropping bare feet on the smooth sand. It's time to travel to coastal areas. Here comes the Top 5 Amazing Beach in Hue 2024! These are all information for you about destinations, prices, locations, and services! What are you waiting for? Let us show you the best things we've ever had!

1. Lang Co Beach

If you seek a pristine bay in the diverse and rich ecosystem, Lang Co Beach is the best choice for you. The beach is only 1.5 hours driving from Hue city center, under the foot of Hai Van Pass, and covered by beautiful vast green hills. This is one of the famous landscapes supposed as a fairyland for ancient feudatory kingdoms. The emerald scene of this site will make anyone's heart explode.

The blend of tropical forests, curving pass roads, and mountains will pave you away to exciting discoveries. Lang Co Bay is unique enough to attract many tourists because of the gentle coastline, white sand, cool seawater, and easy summer temperature. Besides, the fishing village is another landmark to have a trip and enjoy fresh dishes.

As a bay, Lang Co has many lagoons that maintain a natural vibe. You can walk along the path around the lagoons to enjoy the scenery and have a check-in photo. Also, the lagoon is shallow with lovely colorful shells, so don't miss the opportunity to wade down to enjoy the cool feeling when coming there.

You can experience different types of sea tourism such as swimming, scuba diving or a resort. That's why you should book 3-star hotels fully equipped with modern facilities and international standards. These accommodations are on campus in harmony with nature and the modern breeze. The service quality is better than anything you've known, so have yourself a little time in love with it!

And don't miss out on the wonderful cuisine experience at an amazing beach like Lang Co. The dishes are mainly made from fresh seafood at affordable prices and cooked according to the secrets of this diverse land of Hue cuisine. Famous dishes in Lang Co include crab noodle soup, grilled oysters, crab cake soup, and seafood dishes.

Lang co beach

Lang co beach


2. Thuan An Beach

Thanks to the 18km distance from Hue city, Thuan An Beach is more convenient for those who aren't engrossed in trekking. Don't suppose that the beach is full of the crowd in summer as it is still being exploited. Thus, choosing Thuan An Beach is fine!

Besides coastal activities, you can spend time visiting the lookout. Locals built the booth in 1813 to protect the regional shipping port. In modern times, this is a place for the traveler who enjoys Vietnamese history. You can dress up as old locals by renting Hue costumes in a souvenir shop near the ocean area.

If you have the opportunity to rest for some days, why don't you think about hostels with a classical vibe? If anyone loves the beauty of Hue's royal court, book a room right away. We bet that the comfort of these hotels will melt your heart. There is a shuttle bus to the city center daily and completely free of charge. In particular, the rooms are decorated like an old room with cream-coloured walls, cracked stone veins, and deep wooden columns. Such a nostalgic space!

Thuan An beach

Thuan An beach


3. Canh Duong Beach

Find somewhere to camp overnight? It's Canh Duong Beach that is only 1 hour away if you start from Hue city! What can you expect from this site? It features overnight tent rental, karaoke rental, and a campfire for free!

What will make your heart flutter? Wooden paths face the sea, beautiful huts besides coconut trees, volleyball, and soccer fields on the beach. There are also entertainment activities such as: Making sports projects; lighting the handcuffs at night, wandering by bicycles to explore the fish village.

Tourism criteria in the beach are eco-tourism so that you can assure yourself about the. If you want to go to a place without city smog, you should come here. The feeling of freedom is obvious!

Canh Duong Beach

Canh Duong Beach


4. Vinh Thanh Beach

Vinh Thanh is a unique destination famous for fresh seafood, about 40 km southeast of Hue city. The first thing when arriving at this beautiful beach is to have a nice photoshoot. Surely everyone will be attracted by the immense beauty of the sea, white sand, and forests. Hue has a typical climate of Central Vietnam, so the weather is very sunny and hot. But the scenery at this beach will change depending on the season to come here all year round.

The restaurant chain is arranged systematically and cleanly. The rescue team is on duty regularly, ensuring the safety of visitors. Besides, the medical team is always present to provide timely support to visitors when needed.

Vinh Thanh Beach

Vinh Thanh Beach


5. Ham Rong Beach

Among the best beaches in Hue, Ham Rong beach's unique feature comes from its scenery's colours: blue and brown blending. The blue originates from the sea, the clouds and the sky, and the moss clinging to the brown rocks. Thus, different inspiration will turn out as the place is covered with a layer of fog that looks like a scene in the movie.

There is so much to see! A beach is winding around rocky rapids covered with green moss, a long line of white sand, a flock of doves. If you love nature, silence, an ideal choice is this beach.

A special feature only at Ham Rong Beach is that visitors can camp overnight under the Casuarina whispering in the wind. In the evening, you can light a campfire with friends, hunt for crabs, catch brains, enjoy delicious dishes and chill all night long!

In addition, you can also relax when climbing through various kinds of rocks. Climbing the mountain while watching the sea is a fascinating experience that most people choose to get whenever they come.

Ham rong beach

Ham rong beach

Top 5 Amazing Beaches in Hue 2024 have relatively poetic landscapes! They are not too crowded, and especially, the service costs are very cheap. What are you waiting for, pack your things and prepare your luggage to refill your energy with a nice Hue tour right away!

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