Thuan An Beach Vietnam

Thuan An is a very lovely site for all travelers after visiting the Citadel, Mausoleums, pagodas, and Hue scenery.

Thuan An BeachThuan An BeachThuan An BeachThuan An Beach

Thuan An Beach is near Thuan An estuary, where the Perfume River flows into Tam Giang Lagoon and then to the sea, about 15km from Hue City. It is within easy reach, tourists can get there by private car, taxi or mini bus... If you feel energetic, it can be a pleasant cycle ride. The road runs alongside the river past several interesting temples, pagodas, houses, rice fields, and gardens. Thuan An Beach is nearly 1km in length. From morning to 3p.m, the beach is beautiful with white sand and turquoise sea water. Here, tourists can enjoy fresh air, swim, sunbathe or play game… Fortunately, the village surrounding it has some local seafood restaurants well worth after spending time in the water, sun, and sand,. Besides, tourists are able to visit Thai Duong temple devoted to Thai Duong (Sun) Goddess or the Am Linh temple worships the whale – sacred animal of the local people. The beach is busiest during April to September, while Hue temperature being fairly hot.

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