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Thuan An Beach Hue

What’s better than chilling in the sunshine of one of the most magnificent, mysterious, and poetic beaches in Vietnam, especially when it’s not overcrowded? Pack your bags, and follow BestPrice to go to Thuan An Beach for an unforgettable romantic time.

Thuan An Beach is about 14km to the East of Hue city. It belongs to the Phu Vang district. There are several different types of transportations you can use to reach Thuan An Beach from the center of Hue city. Public transportation will be the best option if you prioritize saving money. They provide a minibus to go from the city to the beach. It’s literally super cheap, only 5,000 VND ($0.22). If you plan to stay at the beach for only half a day and want to come back to the city at night, you can book the minibus round trip. It will leave at 8:00 in the morning and return to the city at 5:00 pm. Besides, traveling by taxi will cost you around 15 minutes, but if you prefer to do a little sightseeing on the way there, you can ride a motorbike. It will take you less than 30 minutes. There are two routes that you can take.

Thuan An Beach

Thuan An Beach


Route 1: start from the center of Hue city, you can go north to Hoai Thanh Street. Keep following so you will reach Bui Thi Xuan Street. From there, head to Ngoc Khoi Street and turn right. Keep going for about 2,5km, you will see Xua Coffee shop. After that, move along to Nguyen Sinh Cung Street for 3km, then turn left to get to Cho Sinh Bridge. Lastly, you will go 6km more along 49B Highway to reach the final destination.

Route 2: follow the same routine till you reach Bui Thi Xuan Street, then follow Bach Ho Bridge. When you go one roundabout, turn if you see Le Duan Street. Next, go straight into Tran Hung Dao Street, see Gia Hoi Bridge, and turn left to Chi Lang. Go for another 2km to Nguyen Van Sieu. Then, follow Nguyen Sinh Cung Street and take the same last direction as route 1.

Beautiful Thuan An Beach

Beautiful Thuan An Beach


What To Do in Thuan An Beach?

Don’t worry, even though Thuan An Beach is untapped, the beach view is still spectacular and there are plenty of things you can try. Certainly, because of its dreamy view, Thuan An Beach belongs to the top 20 destinations you must visit in Hue City.

For people who are into taking good photos for social media or for keeping memories, with a breathtaking view like that, it’s impossible to have a bad picture. You can never go wrong with the background here. Moreover, if you want to enjoy the peaceful and romantic vibe, BestPrice highly suggested visitors order their favorite cocktails in local nearby bars or restaurants. The truth is sipping your beloved drinks in the sunset while walking along the 12km-long gorgeous beach seems like a pretty good idea, right?

Swimming in Thuan An beach

Swimming in Thuan An beach


Of course, you can always go swimming, diving, and renting a boat to drive. On the fun side, if you go with friends and family, it’s quite amusing to play some outdoor sports with them. For example, you can play volleyball, surfing, etc.

Another idea is that you can do camping at night with a tent, stove, food, and everything. You all can enjoy quality time, make beautiful memories, and bond together. Even if you feel like you want to do nothing, just chilling and relaxing, you can rent a beach umbrella and a chair for $2. Just sit there, enjoy the sunshine, maybe sunbathing to get perfect tanned skin.


Travel Tips

People often wonder what’s the best time to visit Thuan An Beach. Normally, because of the tropical weather, especially in central Vietnam, it’s getting super hot in the summer. The hottest time ranges from April to September every year, and that’s the best time to go to Thuan An Beach.

Since it’s too hot to do anything anyway, the idea of going to a beach to cool off, to enjoy the fresh air, and relax the whole body in the cold water turns out to be the best therapy ever for the summer. Furthermore, to have as perfect plan as possible, please check the weather one day before, so you will be well-prepared and nothing can ruin your day.

Also, even if you are confident with your swimming skills, don’t go too far from the coast, the waves can be unpredictable or you might suddenly have a cramp, so it’s just better to stay safe. Moreover, there are a couple of things you should prepare. Sunscreen, sunglasses, towels, and bathing suits are essential. If you want to camp at night but don’t have enough equipment like a tent, you can rent it at the beach. However, just ask and check the price before renting it.

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