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Must eat food and where to eat in Hoi An

April 17, 2021 - 548 views

Hoi An has not only beautiful views of the country but also the romantic Old Town but also delicious food. What food do you have to eat and where do you eat in Hoi An?

Not only attractive by the scenery of the river, the boat ride in the heart of the city, the sparkling lanterns every night make the whole area both dazzling and quiet… the ancient town of Hoi An is also loved by tourists for its sincerity and hospitality of the people here. If only one day, surely you can hardly enjoy all the delicious food in Hoi An. You may also not know what to eat and where to eat in Hoi An. But don't worry, we'll show you shortly.

Must eat food and where to eat in Hoi An

Hoi An has a lot of famous delicacies and is sold everywhere. But to be able to find the typical dishes not to be missed by Hoi An and where to eat to have the most delicious dishes, please follow the following:

Hoi An Chicken Rice

Anyone who has ever been to Hoi An and once enjoyed chicken rice here will surely remember the taste of this fascinating dish. Rice to cook chicken rice is a bowl of delicious, fragrant, and flexible rice, carefully selected, seasoned, and cooked with chicken broth and pineapple leaves with a wood stove. 

Chicken is used as a young chicken, soft meat without friable, firm but not tough, fragrant thin flesh. Once boiled, the chicken is shredded and squeezed with onions, fried onions, salt and pepper, and laksa leaves. Finally, put the rice on a plate, let the chicken tear up the rice, eat with onions, sour papaya, herbs, cinnamon tea, soy sauce, and chili sauce.

Hoi An Chicken Rice - Must eat food and where to eat in Hoi An

There is a cup of soup mixed heart, liver, chicken served

Besides, there is a cup of soup mixed heart, liver, chicken served. With all the meticulous ingenuity in its processing, Hoi An people have created a very own chicken rice dish, bearing the impression of Hoi An

Reference address:

  • 22 Phan Chu Trinh - Hoi An
  • 47/2 Tran Hung Dao, Hoi An
  • 8 Phan Chu Trinh, Hoi An, Quang Nam

Reference price: 20,000 - 55,000 VND / disc (around 1- 3 USD)

Quang noodles

Quang noodles, like noodles and vermicelli, are made from rice but have different nuances and flavors. As the name suggests, this noodle originally originated from Quang Nam. To make noodles, people use good rice soaked in water to soften, bring it into finely powdered water, just coincide (not thick or not liquid) and add a little alum to make noodles crispy, hard and then coated into leaves. 

When cooked, take out and put on the blister to cool, apply the oil layer to the noodles from sticky, and then cut into fibers. Broth - made with shrimp, pork, or chicken, sometimes made of snakehead fish, beef… are very diverse but most popular are like shrimp, meat, or chicken.

Quang Noodles - Must eat food and where to eat in Hoi An

Quang noodles are made from rice but have different nuances and flavors

Wanting to be the meat shrimp people make shrimp live, leave the oil, some of them pounded, some left whole. Pork meat is thinly sliced ​​and seasoned with marinated shrimp, then put on the stove to absorb. Add a few onions, pour into the pot to cook tomatoes, pineapple (pineapple) to get the aroma, sweet soup (water).

For the chicken meat, after cleaning, chop into small pieces, mix with pepper, onion, garlic, cook in the kitchen to absorb, then cook with tomatoes, scallions until cooked into broth. Noodle juice does not need much color, does not need many spices but must be clear and have a sweet taste. This sweetness is especially different from the sweetness of beef noodle soup, and the broth of pork bone stew noodles.

The raw vegetables to eat with ordinary noodles are bitter, lettuce, basil, cinnamon, cabbage, onion, cilantro of the famous Tra Que vegetable area in the Northeast of Hoi An ancient town, eating Quang noodles right with Tra Que raw vegetables is true "tone". Only vegetables in this region can show all the many aromatic flavors: spicy, acrid, sweet, bitter to enhance the flavor of the Quang noodle bowl.

Reference address:

  • 6A Truong Minh Luong, City. Hoi An
  • Thai Phien, Tp. Hoi An
  • 137 Phan Chau Trinh, Tp. Hoi An

Reference price: 25,000 - 60,000 VND / piece (around 1 - 3 USD)

Cao Lau

Cao Lau, a unique dish associated with the ancient town of Hoi An. At first glance, Cao Lau looks like noodles, but not noodles. Little is known about Cao Lau not because it is not good but because this dish is humble. Many people believe that this dish is Chinese, but overseas Chinese here do not recognize it. And Japanese people think that it resembles their udon but differs in flavor and processing.

Cao Lau - Must eat food and where to eat in Hoi An

People often eat Cao Lau with boiled water but not too soft

The essence of Cao Lau is noodles, often elaborately processed. First, fragrant rice is soaked in ash water, which must be wood-burning ash taken to Cu Lao Cham, when soaked, the noodles are crispy, flexible, and dry.

Then filter carefully, grind into powder; Rice grinding water must be water in Ba Le well made by the Cham people thousands of years ago to be fresh, free from alum and cool. Continue to use cotton ball many times for dough, dry, rolled into medium-sized pieces, cut into strands, steamed several times, then dried to make noodles. Through many such treatments, Cao Lau even though he left it overnight, was not afraid of being rancid.

People often eat Cao Lau with boiled water but not too soft. A little more raw vegetables, taken from the famous Tra Que traditional vegetable village in Hoi An. Pour the bowl into a bowl, put the noodles on top, add a few slices of pork meat and then pour the fat cloves (crispy pork skin) and a spoonful of fried pork fat by the stove. 

With pork meat, only use grass pork, meat firm, fragrant, thin skin just lean and its water has a new sweet taste. When eating, Cao Lau feels the sensation of the noodles, full of the sour, spicy, bitter, acrid, sweet taste of raw vegetables, the taste of the fish sauce, aromatic flour, soy sauce, and fat cloves shattered in the mouth.

Reference address:

  • Cao Lau Ba Be - Tran Phu, Hoi An, Quang Nam
  • Hoa Cao Lau - Cong Nu Ngoc Hoa, Hoi An, Quang Nam
  • Cao Lau Huong - Along Hoai Hoai River, Hoi An, Quang Nam

Reference price: 25,000 - 40,000 VND / share (around 1 USD - 2 USD)

White Rose

White roses are on the menu of many restaurant restaurants in Hoi An. The main material for making White Rose is rice starch, but to get the White Rose plate as you like, the rice flour must be filtered many times. White Rose's kernel is mainly made from fresh shrimp or pureed meat mixed with pepper, onion, cat mushrooms, salt, fish sauce. 

White Rose - Must eat food and where to eat in Hoi An

White roses are on the menu of many restaurant restaurants in Hoi An

White rose sprinkled with fried onion, sprinkled with chili sauce is mixed very well so neither pale nor salty. Sipping a white rose in the mouth, the sweetness of the shrimp meat, the crunchy phase of the crust, the aroma of fried onions, the spicy, salty and salty of chili and fish sauce.

Reference address:

533 Hai Ba Trung, Cam Pho, Hoi An, Quang Nam

Reference price: 20,000 - 40,000 VND / piece (around 1 USD - 2 USD)

Hoi An is always a promising destination with many delicious and unique dishes. Each dish is like an attraction for people to come to Hoi An. We shared with you where to eat and where to eat in Hoi An. Have a nice trip to Hoi An!

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