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Best time to travel Myanmar by river cruise

May 13, 2024 - 129 views

Before a trip, you should check what season is best for you to visit your favorite destination, and this extremely true if you want to travel to Myanmar by river cruise. Preparing for all kinds of weather possibilities and check the water level of the rivers during your travel season is very important. Myanmar has a tropical monsoon climate with 3 seasons: cool, hot, and rainy season. The best time to travel to Myanmar by river cruise depends on your travel purpose.

Explore Myanmar by river cruise

Explore Myanmar by river cruise

Cool-season in Myanmar

Cool-season is also called autumn, from November to February (next year), it is the best time for an Irrawaddy river cruise. The temperatures are not too high and the air is quite dry. Cool-season is considered the best time to visit Myanmar due to the nice weather. This time is also the peak season of traveling in Myanmar so the price of hotels, tours, flight ticket will be higher than other time and always full of booking very early

Myanmar Hot season

From March to May is a hot season with higher temperatures and humidity. If you OK with this weather, the hot season is also the perfect time to visit Irrawaddy Island in Myanmar by river cruise. Myanmar's famous destinations will be less crowded and easier to find good deals on hotels or transportation this time than in the cool season. It will not rain too much in both the cool and hot seasons.

Rainy season in Burma

Chindwin River

Chindwin River

Monsoon season as known as the rainy season lasting from June to October has the highest rainfall of a year. The weather condition may seem not suitable for traveling but the rising water level of rivers creates a great chance to explore the Chindwin River because of the shallower one on the north. From July to September is the best time to have a river cruise on Chindwin River, the main tributary of Irrawaddy. In this season, the high water level will allow you to have a more interesting river cruise trip than another season cannot be.

Highlight of Myanmar

Myanmar is known for a lot of festivals all year round. However, it usually focuses on the months of March and April. Coming to Myanmar to participate in festivals here is very interesting for your journey to explore Myanmar.

Thingyan Festival is also known as the Water Festival to welcome the New Year of Myanmar people. This festival has Buddhism characteristics and plays an important meaning to Myanmar people. Every year, this festival takes place in the 2nd week of April and lasts 3 or 4 days.

Shwedagon temple festival

Shwedagon temple festival

When mentioning Myanmar, it cannot be ignored by the famous Shwedagon temple. This temple is a symbol of Buddhism and the pride of the Burmese. Every year at Shwedagon temple, the Burmese hold a very solemn Buddhist festival, this is a spiritual event that attracts thousands of Buddhist followers to worship the pilgrimage here.

In Shan provinces around the end of September or early October, the Phaung Daw festival is celebrated to show their respect to the Buddha. During the festival, there are many activities. Tourists coming to the festival will be impressed with the colorful boats floating by villages in Inle Lake. Especially the barge has the shape of a famous golden bird in Myanmar mythology.

Along with the cool atmosphere of the rivers and islands, experiencing the peaceful life of the local people here, tourists will surely have a special impression on Myanmar.

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