Cam Thanh Village Vietnam

Located 5km from Hoi An’s Old Town, Cam Thanh Village is a village of 30ha nipa palm forest. Once a local shelter for people in war times, the village now is a favorite destination for Hoi An's visitors.

Cam Thanh VillageCam Thanh VillageCam Thanh VillageCam Thanh VillageCam Thanh VillageCam Thanh VillageCam Thanh VillageCam Thanh VillageCam Thanh Village

Cam Thanh Village (also called Cam Thanh Coconut village) is more like a cultural experience tour for travelers, in which you can learn about the craft and artisan of coconuts. Peace is all you get right after your arrivals here.

Cam Thanh Eco Village

Cam Thanh Eco Village

In fact, Cam Thanh is not only a cultural attraction but also a historical spot. During Vietnam war, Cam Thanh was the shelter of the locals and soldiers. Nowadays it is considered as a provider of seafood products for the region.

Similar to other countryside villages, Cam Thanh offers tourists tranquil atmosphere with green shades of coconut forest and beautiful rivers, which you are most likely to float along right after seeing those interestingly unique bamboo basket boats. Rowing through the small beautiful channels, tourists can go through the water coco palm forest and see these coconut tree growing. While paddling on the unique Vietnamese bamboo basket boat, travelers can enjoy the peaceful coconut-palm flanked waterways of a past war while being served by water coconut fruit.

Singing in Cam Thanh

Singing in Cam Thanh

Discovering into the village, you can enjoy seeing or even participating in villagers’ coconut craft, which will give you a chance to explore the coconut forest ecosystem, learn about Vietnamese fishermen, their families and community’s daily life. After a wandering tour, some tourists often preferred joining the locals’ cooking classes, which are offered by plenty of restaurants in the area. It is a good idea to join a full tour trip to enjoy both eco trip and cooking experience.

Boat trip in Cam Thanh

Boat trip in Cam Thanh

It takes only 20 to 30 minutes from Danang to Hoi An by bus. Then you shall hire a car or taxi to travel to Cam Thanh Village from Hoi An center. Travelers can always prefer to popular travel agencies found in Hoi An or Da Nang center to book a combined trip of both Hoi An ancient town and Cam Thanh Coconut Village.

Cam Thanh Village Map

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Asked by GERRY FERNANDEZ, January 29, 2021
Hi, I just want to ask if there is a taxi from Cam Thanh Village to Hoi An? If yes, where can you get taxi? thank you.
BestPrice, January 29, 2021
HI GERRY, There are many taxi waiting at ticket counter in Cam Thanh Village, after you visit Coconut forest you can go to ticket counter to take a taxi or please find the phone number of taxi brand in Hoi An then ask local people to support you call them. BestPrice

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