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Top 6 Cat Ba Beaches for Your Wonderful Vacation 2024

January 02, 2024 - 7509 views

Possessing 367 islands covering the surface area of 285 km2, Cat Ba Island maintains the stunning beaches and craggy features of Halong Bay. Whenever you wanna seek the peace of mind, make reference to the following list of the best beach in Cat Ba Island.

Located on the southeastern edge of Lan Ha Bay, Cat Ba Island is an exceptional alternative to Halong Bay, where a dozen of island resorts, fishing villages, beautiful caves, and pristine beaches will treat you to a relaxing vacation. Like a sleeping beauty over many years, Cat Ba beaches boats white sandbanks and crystal clear waters. Getting tired of the crowds in Halong Bay beaches, every thalassophile definitely should take a glance at these 6 best Cat Ba beaches for a perfect getaway.

Beaches Cat Ba

Find out the best beach in Cat Ba Island

Cat Co Beach – The most populated beach in Cat Ba Town

Set location by the coastline of Cat Ba Town, Cat Co Cove is a cluster of 3 small beaches, named Cat Co 1, Cat Co 2, and Cat Co 3. While Cat Co 1 beach is the most beautiful one with year-round waves and surrounded mountains, Cat Co beach 2 features an oasis of serenity and mystery. Unlike the calmness in Cat Co 1 and Cat Co 2 beaches, the deep sea and big waves in Cat Co 3 are only for good swimmers.

All are mesmerizing places to take a rest and tan yourself. Try walking from beach to beach through a narrow cliff-edge path with spectacular ocean views. You can find umbrellas, lounges, chairs for rent, as well as restaurants by the sand coast.

Cat Co Beach, Cat Ba Island

Cat Co Beach


Tung Thu Beach – An untouched attraction in the town

Only a 10-minute walk from the town center, Tung Thu Beach is an alternative to Cat Co Cove, but far more peaceful and unspoiled. There is a newly built resort giving a perfect seascape without the crowds. Overlooking the South to Lan Ha Bay, Tung Thu Beach boasts the idyllic scenery of stretching palm trees and two limestone walls adorned with lush greenery. Put your feet up on a sun lounge by the seashore, get a tan on a hammock strung under two palm trees, or just stroll around to explore the hidden rock. Let’s soak up the sun and enjoy the coastal life on this lovely Cat Ba beach.

Tung Thu Beach, Cat Ba Island

Tung Thu Beach


Cat Dua Beach – A perfect getaway for beach relaxation

About 20 minutes from Cat Ba Town by boat, Cat Dua Beach illustrates a scenic picture of windy waves, sandy beaches, rocky mountains, and tree gardens in Monkey Island. There are two arc-shaped beaches named Cat Dua Beach 1 and Cat Dua Beach 2.

As a public beach, Cat Dua 1 offers a variety of services like restaurants, drinks, swimsuits, freshwater bay, and kayak rental. In a more private area, Cat Dua Beach 2 belongs to Monkey Island Resort, where you can relax at a thatched-roof bungalow and listen to the sound of waves. Here, take a chance to try a 30-minute diving/snorkeling tour provided by the Scuba Diving Center.

Beyond a beach relaxation, you will have a chance to get closer to the golden monkeys here. They are not only hunger for fruits and candies but also interested in your handheld belongings. So, watch out for some little sneaks!

Cat Dua Beach, Cat Ba Island

Cat Dua Beach


Tiger Beach – A rock-climbing destination for venture lovers

Set location in Lan Ha Bay, Tiger Beach was first developed as a rock climbing destination for those who are eager to conquer some of the hardest crags. The two walls, including Offenheimer’s Creation and Slo Pony Wall, shape a cranny of climbing utopia with numerous features like tufas, dihedrals, pockets, wombs, and conglomerate-rock. Outstandingly, there are two unique water-sculpted rock formations at the base of the Offenheimer’s.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced climber, the private instruction and useful tips from the local guide will help you out. The grade ranges from 5a to 7c+ with a total number of 10 routes. To access the climbing area of Tiger Beach, you have to pay an entrance fee of 2.5 USD at the Asia Outdoors Shop on the 2nd floor of the Noble House Restaurant & Bar in the town.


Moody Beach – An adventurous place to challenge yourself

Only a 5-minute boat ride or 10-minute swim from Tiger Beach, Moody Beach is an uninhabited area that is home to the cragged mountain and unblemished landscapes. This is one of the most active beaches in Cat Ba with top-rope climbing as well as a wide range of water-based activities like deep water soloing, kayaking, and swimming.

Here, you are only able to climb after booking a tour from a local travel agent. Although the terrain is suitable for beginners and those who touch limestone for the first time, some climbs might be inaccessible at high tides. On sunny days, the crag might be hot in the morning, then take an afternoon trip to get rock climbing. One more thing, November to January is the busiest time when the weather is mild to join outdoor activities.

Moody Beach, Cat Ba Island

Moody Beach


Ba Trai Dao Beach – The favourable cruise destination

Situated 22 km southeast of the tourist pier in Halong Bay, Ba Trai Dao Beach is among the popular routes of many Cat Ba Island cruises. Ba Trai Dao features a bow-shaped sand beach embraced by three small mountains looking like three peaches. The shimmering waters till the bottom and captivating sceneries of strange rocky cliffs by the shoreline will absolutely capture your attention. Ba Trai Dao seawater is so shallow and wind-tight that it is safe for everyone to have a swim or take a boat through the small gorges. Or else, laze around and let your hair down on the sand is still enjoyable.

Ba Trai Dao Beach, Cat Ba Island

Ba Trai Dao Beach

After all, have you picked your favourites out of the best beaches in Cat Ba Island? You can either self-arrange to get a ride or book a cruise tour to visit these beaches and the surroundings. Come exploring the wonderland of beach destinations and enjoy your Cat Ba vacation to the fullest.

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