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Cat Ba Attractions: Top Places to Visit

Considered a phenomenal secret off the coast of Vietnam, Cat Ba Archipelago consists of 367 islands stretching along beautiful coastlines, one national park with a rich diversity of flora and fauna, a dozen of sightseeing caves, floating villages as well as plenty of local restaurants and bars in the town. Either you are a beach lover or a mountain addict, an adventurous mind or a relaxing type, you will never get bored of interesting places to visit in Cat Ba.

For the most part, you shouldn’t miss out on the hidden sland attractions. It is such an amazing seascape on a cleaner and quieter beach, compared to the ones in town. These private islands are perfect for those in search of water-based activities like swimming, snorkeling, diving,…

In addition to the beach relaxation, fishing villages are perfect for cultural discovery, while historical sites are all must-visit Cat Ba attractions to learn about the Vietnam War. What’s more, a visit to the off-the-beaten-path places in Cat Ba brings a day excursion of hiking, rock climbing, caving, and cycling to uncover the island.

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  • Cat Ba National Park
  • Viet Hai Village
  • Monkey Island
  • Trung Trang Cave
  • Hospital Cave
  • Cai Beo Fishing Village
  • Cannon Fort
  • Cat Ba Town
  • Hoa Cuong Cave
  • Cat Ba Market
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    Cat Ba Market Cat Ba Market
    • Variety of local goods including seafood, meats, vegetables, fruits, etc.
    • Great market to buy handicrafts and souvenirs
    • Reasonable prices and local experiences
    Best for: Group of friends, Budget travelers
  • Cat Ba National Park
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    Cat Ba National Park Cat Ba National Park
    • UNESCO's biosphere reserve of beautiful flora and fauna
    • The most protected conservation zones, including marine, forest, and mangrove ecosystems
    • Great value of human history and archaeological relics
    Best for: Nature lovers, Group of friends
  • Trung Trang Cave
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    Trung Trang Cave Trung Trang Cave
    • The most worth-visiting cave in Cat Ba Biosphere Reserve
    • Unique shape and formation of million-year-old archeological relics
    • Perfect place to be immersed in the floral and fauna
    Best for: Group travel, Nature lovers
  • Cat Co Beach
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    Cat Co Beach Cat Co Beach
    • The best-known beautiful beaches in Cat Ba Town
    • Fun entertaining activities like kayaking, surfing, jet-skiing, etc.
    • Fresh seafood restaurants and budget meals
    Best for: Families with kids, Backpackers
  • Cat Ba Town
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    Cat Ba Town Cat Ba Town
    • Scenic town to enjoy pretty beaches and lush mountains
    • Appetizing seafood and lively local dishes
    • Fascinating destination filled with luxury hotels and restaurants
    Best for: Nature lovers, Honeymoon couples
  • Viet Hai Village
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    Viet Hai Village Viet Hai Village
    • Scenic fishing village for a stop on Lan Ha Bay cruise
    • Remaining village of hundreds-year traditional cultural values
    • An eco-tourism destination for various activities: cycling, trekking, fishing, etc.
    Best for: Culture vulture, Active travelers
  • Cai Beo Fishing Village
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    Cai Beo Fishing Village Cai Beo Fishing Village
    • One of the largest well-remained floating villages in Vietnam
    • Poetic scenery and calming atmosphere nestled in a cluster of limestone islets
    • Experience bamboo boats and daily fishing activities with the locals
    Best for: Culture vulture, Backpackers
  • Nam Cat Island
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    Nam Cat Island Nam Cat Island
    • Known as "Tropical Paradise" thanks to its extraordinary natural beauty
    • Perfect getaway to enjoy beach relaxation and night entertainment
    • Diverse water-based activities: kayaking, snorkeling, rock climbing, deep water soloing
    Best for: Nature lovers, Adventure seekers
  • Hospital Cave
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    Hospital Cave Hospital Cave
    • Great way to get insights into Vietnam - American War
    • Special structure with stalactites and limestone mountains formed by sediment
    Best for: History enthusiasts, Seniors
  • Hoa Cuong Cave
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    Hoa Cuong Cave Hoa Cuong Cave
    • Amazing cave with untouched beauty and fascinating history
    • Impressive stalactites and stalagmites like pictures of mythology
    Best for: Couples, Group of friends

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