Cat Ba Weather & Temperature: Complete Guide 2024

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Perfectly situated in the southeast of Lan Ha Bay, Cat Ba Island features the typical climate characteristics of northern Vietnam as well as the neighbor – Halong Bay. Wondering what the weather in Cat Ba Island is like? Keep scrolling for an overall guide to monthly weather and the best time to visit Cat Ba.

Known as the “Pearl Island” in Cat Ba Archipelago, Cat Ba Island sets a location to the south of Halong Bay, in the South China Sea. As a result, the Cat Ba Island weather is significantly affected by northeastern temperatures in Vietnam along with tropical marine climate from the ocean.

Cat Ba weather

Come and see how the weather is like in Cat Ba

To get into details, the following is the rough guide to the monthly Cat Ba weather about average temperature, humidity, rainfall, sunshine hours, etc. which helps you decide on the best weather to visit the island.


Cat Ba weather overview

  • Average temperature: 25 – 28°C
  • Rainfall: 1,700 – 1,800 mm/year
  • Average humidity: 85%

First and foremost, Cat Ba Island has two distinct climate patterns: the hot, moist season (May-Oct) and the dry, cold season (Nov – Mar). More particularly, the spring days start from February to April, the summer days fall between May and August, the autumn months range from September to November, and the wintertime happens from December to January.

Interestingly, Cat Ba Island has a cooler summer and warmer winter days compared to the mainland. Spring and autumn in Cat Ba are transitional months that experience the blend of two main patterns.

Cat Ba Island weather overview

Cat Ba weather in a nutshell

Spring (Feb – Apr)

Marking the fresh start of the whole year, spring is the warmest time with an average temperature of 18 – 26°C in Cat Ba. With cool weather and light drizzles, it is not as steaming as in summer and not as cold as in winter. However, it is expected to experience high humidity and thick clouds in these months.


Summer (May – Aug)

With the average temperature ranging from 26°C to 35°C, summer has the most sweltering Catba weather throughout the year. This time gives the highest rainfall and longest sunshine hours, especially in June and July. You might be disappointed with occasional typhoons and thunderstorms in the late afternoon, but the crystal clear sky and turquoise water can calm you down in the early morning.


Autumn (Sep-Oct)

Making the best weather to visit Cat Ba Island, autumn experiences a mild temperature between 20°C and 30°C. You can expect a sunny but breezy day with lower chances of heavy showers. In the last days of October, there is a possibility of the northeastern monsoon climate.


Winter (Nov – Jan)

Coming to the driest months of the year, Cat Ba Island weather is a bit chilly and cold in the wintertime. Temperatures vary from 14°C to 22°C along with a decrease in sunshine time of 4 hours per day. During this time, Cat Ba becomes more mysterious due to foggy weather.


Cat Ba Island monthly weather

Beyond the overall guide, it is essential to get into specifics of average Cat Ba weather by month. If you intend to visit Cat Ba in a particular month of the year, don’t leave this monthly weather record out.

The month of the year



Rainy days


13 – 19°C

20 mm

9 days


15 – 20°C

30 mm

12 days


17 – 22°C

40 mm

15 days


21 – 26°C

80 mm

14 days


23 – 30°C

165 mm

14 days


25 – 34°C

235 mm

15 days


25 – 34°C

250 mm

16 days


25 – 32°C

280 mm

17 days


24 – 30°C

230 mm

13 days


21 – 28°C

150 mm

12 days


18 – 25°C

50 mm

9 days


15 – 22°C

20 mm

6 days


January – The driest month of the year

The average January temperature is 18°C with the lowest of 13°C and the highest of 19°C. With the lowest rainfall (20 mm) and only 10 rainy days per month, January weather in Cat Ba is the coldest and driest month of the year. It is almost cloudy and foggy amid the last month of winter.


February – The fresh start of spring

As the beginning of spring in Cat Ba Island, February experiences higher temperatures (15 – 20°C) and higher rainfall (30 mm) than January. However, foggy and drizzling days are still around the town. The humidity level is 80% on average, making it possible to join outdoor activities.


March – A blend of the cold and warmth

There is a small increase in average temperature, sunshine hours, precipitation, and rain days in Cat Ba during March. It significantly gets warmer and warmer from mid-March onward. Also, the rise in sea temperature gives way to have a swim and enjoy beach activities.


April – The cold never bothered you anyway

The last month of Cat Ba spring sees a moderate increase in temperature (21 – 26°C) and the rainfall (80 mm) as light drizzles turn into occasional showers on the island. In April, you can expect balmy days since longer sunshine hours create favorable conditions to go sightseeing.


May – The best summer month to visit

Cat Ba in May welcomes visitors to sunny and bright days over the island. Thank God the first month of summer is not as steaming and rainy as the middle ones. The acceptable hotness and crystal clear sky make May become the best summer month to travel to Cat Ba Island.


June – The hottest month of the year

Coming to the hottest time of the year in Cat Ba, the temperature can reach its peak of more than 35°C in June. The rainfall in June is usually 6 times higher than in January, the driest month throughout the year. The afternoon frequently receives heavy showers and the risk of storms.

Hottest month in Cat Ba - Best for kayaking activities

June - a hottest month in Cat Ba - Best for kayaking activities


July – The sunniest month of the year

Remaining the average high of June temperature, July receives more sunshine and rainfall then. It is extremely hot and humid but suitable for water-based entertainment. Amid the rainy season in Cat Ba, thunderstorms and typhoons are inevitable during July. So, check the Cat Ba weather forecast carefully before booking a night cruise.


August – The wettest month of the year

Despite a fall in Cat Ba temperature, the precipitation in August hits a peak of 280 mm, the highest level over the year. This time is also undesirable when numerous overnight cruises are likely canceled due to the risk of typhoon season.


September – The welcome of changing season

In September, both average temperature and precipitation in Cat Ba slightly drop, compared to August weather. It is gradually cooler and drier; then you can expect a tan day and long for water activities like swimming, diving, snorkeling, kayaking, canoeing, etc.


October – The awe-inspiring autumn time

When it comes to October, it tends to be more pleasant with moderate temperatures and lower rainfall. The average high only reaches 28°C when the low is around 21°C. You can expect pretty cool breezes and bright skies while going on a day excursion on the island.


November – The peak month of foreign tourists

Considered the most beautiful weather in Cat Ba Island, November welcomes a large number of inbound visitors. With an average of 18 – 25°C, it is a bit chilly and quite pleasant to soak up the early winter atmosphere.


December – The warming holiday season

In the middle of Cat Ba winter, the December climate has mild temperatures and the lowest rainfall level. However, the subtropical winter in Vietnam is relatively more comfortable than in Western countries. It is the reason why December is an ideal time to enjoy a holiday break in Cat Ba, Vietnam.

Cat Ba Island monthly weather

Historical data of monthly weather in Cat Ba Island


Best weather to visit Cat Ba

All year round, Cat Ba Island weather is most beautiful in spring and autumn, especially in the months of February, March, October, and November. It is the best time to visit Cat Ba Island for excellent weather conditions when the sun shines moderately and the rainfall is lower than the rest of the year. Not to mention, clear skies and calm water allow you to enjoy the seascape to the fullest.

If spring is great for a holiday retreat on a Cat Ba Island cruise, autumn is perfect for adventure lovers to get a trek to the off-the-beaten-path trail. It is also enjoyable to go kayaking, cave visiting, cycling, and try other outdoor activities.

All in all, you have to bear in mind that “the best time to visit” is not as accurate as expected and every day would be a great day in Cat Ba. There will be a great variety of things to do in Cat Ba Island even in bad weather conditions.

Hope this overall guide to Cat Ba weather will help you draw out a perfect plan to visit this beautiful island. 

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