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Chicken Church Da Lat

Dalat Cathedral, the official name is St. Nicolaia Bari Cathedral (also known as Chicken Church because the top of the bell tower with the picture of a big chicken) is the largest church in Dalat and one of the most typical and ancient constructions in Dalat city left by the French. The church is located on Tran Phu Street in Da Lat City, Lam Dong Province, Vietnam

Chicken Church is officially built at 9 am Sunday, July 19, 1931 by Coloban Dreyer (apostolic nuncio to Indochina and Thailand) to place the first stone. Chicken Church of Dalat is designed in the shape of Roman Catholic churches in Europe, belonging to the Roman architectural. The church is length of 65m, 14m wide and 47m high bell tower. On the cross in the roof is a chicken statue (27m above the ground) made of light alloys with 0.66m long and 0.58m high. This chicken rotates around a bearing to indicate wind direction.

Chicken Church

Chicken Church

From the outside, the church is like a splendid castle with towering roof. If standing on the roof, visitors can see all the romantic city of Dalat. Entering the church, visitors are definitely overwhelmed with the space here. The ranges are symmetrically designed in a classical way. The attic is decorated with 70 stained glass panels to make the church scenery more magical.

Inside The Church

Inside The Church

In the middle of the church is the sanctuary, the place of worship and for priests to offer Mass. Tourists come here to visit, often to pray in front of the sanctuary, to pray for peace for family and relatives.Every detail in Chicken Church is finely carved, imitating the original design in Europe. When visiting this place, visitors can admire the beautiful of this old church which create a warm, pleasant feeling.

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