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China Town Saigon

In 5 District of Ho Chi Minh City, a large number of Chinese are living there and created a China Town since 1778. Chinese have brought a different culture through architecture, cuisine and lifestyle.

China Town is also known as Cho Lon in Vietnamese. In the beginning, China Town was a trading place of Chinese then a lot of houses with Hong Kong style appeared in this area. Many houses have red tile roof and red lanterns in front of the doors. The sign of stores usually has 2 languages: Vietnamese and Chinese. Going to the China Town, you will very excited about the classical architecture of the previous century and the unique of Chinese cuisine.

China Town

Old traditonal Binh Tay market in China town

Visiting China Town, you will have chance to see many famous places which have more than 100 years old. Thien Hau pagoda was built 200 years ago which is one of the most attractive Chinese pagoda in Saigon. Assembly halls are considered as familiar spiritual and cultural places not only of Chinese but also Saigon people. There are some famous assembly halls: On Lang assembly hall, Ha Chuong assembly hall, Tam Son assembly hall, Nghia An assembly hall, etc. Besides that, Lantern Street in Luong Nhu Hoc Street is the most attractive place in Mid-autumn Festival. People come Lantern Street to buy lanterns, unicorns, drums or take photos with colorful lanterns there.

China Town

Colorful lanterns in different shapes

If you are a food lover, you must have China Town in your check-list. China Town cuisine is diverse and unique that make people easy to fall in love. There are some dishes that you should try when visit China Town such as: dumpling, Yangzhou fried rice, Beijing grilled duck, Cadé sticky rice, etc.

Cho Lon station is near China Town so you can easy to reach there by public transport or taxi is more convenient. If you want a tour guide to give you direction and more information about China Town, you can book a Ho Chi Minh city tour from a travel agent.

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