Chnok Tru

Chnok Tru is a beautiful lakeside village which is a dream destination for fishing enthusiasts. The incessant ballet of traditional boats offers a show simply amazing.

At the southern end of Tonle Sap Lake, Chnok Tru is located right in the central of Kompong Chnang Province. If you having a stay in this floating village, take your time to contemplate sumptuous landscapes and discover the unique flora and fauna in Chnok Tru.

Like the other floating villages in the Tonle Sap, you can savor the sense of paddling and the stilted house on a tranquil day in Chnok Tru. The village is only vibrant with the laughter from children nimbly hopping one wooden plank to another and the sound of rotor blades cutting the waters.

Chnok Tru floating village

Chnok Tru floating village


Set location on Tonle Sap Lake, the largest freshwater lake in Cambodia, Chnok Tru is connected to the Mekong River. During the wet season, the scattering of islands transforms into a flat and continuous watery landscape. On the lakeside, trees once stood tall will become shrubs since the water level relentlessly rises.

The locals here earn a living by traditional fishing especially during the dry season and farming in the wet season. Also their products are used as daily food ranging from aquatic animals to vegetables. Uniquely, every household in Chnok Tru has their own green floating garden where both lightweight vegetables and heavy plants like pumpkins can be cultivated. The more difficult the life, the stronger and more resilient habitants become to adapt to their environment.

Chnok Tru floating village

Chnok Tru floating village


Visitors can only visit Chnok Tru via Tonle Sap Lake, which takes 30 minutes to drive by car from Siem Reap. When you get to Tonle Sap Lake, take a boat along the downriver to Chnok Tru village.

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