Dalat Flower Festival: All You Need to Know

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Dalat flower festival is the biggest festival in the city that attracts thousands of tourists every time it is held. If you ever have a plan to join the festival, then the lines below will give you some useful information. 


The history of the Dalat Flower Festival 

Lying on the top of the highland area, Dalat is blessed with ideal weather that encourages the growth of many flowers, which explains why it is called “the city of flower” or “the city of spring” by both tourists and the locals. With all of the reasons, that the flower festival is held and become the biggest occasion of the year seems to make sense. 

The festival itself was held officially in the year of 2005, after many side activities in 2004. At first, with the theme “Dalat - Where colors of flowers meet”, it is to honour the flower industry and the people working in it. The festival lasted for 10 days, during which a flower car parade, an international conference on flowers, fairs, and many other activities were done. 

After 2005, the Dalat flower festival has remained to be held every two years to express the city’s pride to tourists and make it an occasion that people from everywhere gather to admire, celebrate, have fun. The theme and activities are changed at each festival. In contrast, the opening ceremony is maintained with performances telling the city culture, and so is the flower fair, where flowers and related products are displayed for tourists to visit and buy. 

It was not until 2017 that the Dalat flower and tea culture festivals were combined. The flower & tea festival, then, expanded to other cities and districts around Dalat. Coming to this, tourists can not only immerse in the colorful and scented atmosphere created by flowers but also try some fresh tea. Sometimes, the gongs festival, which celebrates the tradition of the highland ethnics, also parallels the festival, which makes it worth waiting for in the city.

Da Lat flower festival

Da Lat flower festival


When is the Flower Festival in Dalat operated? 

Dalat Flower Festival is biennially held in December. Falling between the late wet and the early dry seasons, Dalat weather in this month is supposed to be cool and sunny at the same time. Rain is less, and the temperature is enough to comfort you. 

Regarding weather, this is the best time to visit the city as in such a mild climate, many activities are available like sightseeing, cycling, hiking, etc. It seems to be also the best time in the aspect of sceneries. Trees start to produce blossoms from October and are in their full bloom in December. This, along with impressive colonial architecture, Dalat appears as a small Europe that will mesmerize you right in your first time coming here. 

Usually, the Dalat flower festival will last from 5 to 6 days during which the most interesting parts like the opening ceremony or flower fairs will take place in the first 2 to 3 days. If having time, you should join the festival from the beginning to the end day as all activities are worth a try. 

In addition, the festival is held quite close to Christmas and New year’s eve, so after that, you can stay in Dalat or spend the whole of your winter break traveling within the city to celebrate both occasions. The comfortable weather will give you a different experience. 

Opening performance of Da Lat flower festival

Opening performance of Da Lat flower festival


What to expect at Dalat Flower Festival

Coming to Dalat Flower Festival, you can expect everything expected from a Dalat trip. Indigenous culture, stunning sceneries, and places to have fun are all available at the festival.

Cultural exploration: In the opening ceremony of the Dalat Flower Festival, performances are given to tell audiences a story or legend of Vietnam and Dalat that is related to an aspect of the local culture. Attending the ceremony with your tour guide or Vietnamese friends and you will be explained about it. Usually, the story or legend is told abstractly by several kinds of art like dance, music, and drama. For example, in the festival of 2005, legends of Lang Biang, the constellation of the cowherd and the spinning damsel, and Lake of Sighs are successfully brought to tourists through performances. Besides, you can also learn about what the locals usually do during the festival and how great their love for flowers is. 

Stunning sceneries: During the festival, a lot of artworks that are made of thousands of flowers are displayed along the streets of Dalat, which makes the beautiful city even more splendid. Coming here, you will get the feeling of entering the land of flowers, colors, and scents. Everywhere can be your check-in place. Remember to bring along your camera as you will not want to miss shooting such stunning sceneries. 

Fascinating activities: Throughout Dalat flower Festival, activities like flower fairs, competitions, parades, and International conferences on flowers are held for tourists can visit, find more interesting information about flowers, and buy some souvenirs for their friends or family. They are also ideal places for couples to hang out. Therefore, if you coming to Dalat in December with your lover, don’t miss getting to Dalat Flower Festival. 

Da Lat flower festival

Da Lat flower festival


Tips for the best experience at Dalat Flower Festivals

  • From other places, you can get to Dalat by bus, train, or flight 
  • Bring along warm clothes as Da lat can get cold at night 
  • High SPF sunscreen is suggested 
  • Start your visit early in the morning 
  • Take a hike around the city as you will want to stop somewhere to shoot some photos

Above are our recommendations for Dalat Flower Festival. If you have any questions or seek more detailed information, please contact us through our website so that we can help you. Besides, as we are offering Dalat tours, which are quite interesting, you can go to our website and take a look at some of them. We are always available to give you the best experience on your vacation. Wish you enjoy your time in our beautiful country.

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