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Dalat Night Market Da Lat

The Da Lat night market is a popular tourist destination in this city, as well as a distinctive cultural characteristic that draws thousands of visitors each year. Follow us on this article to have the best experiences. 

The Night Market is located in the heart of Da Lat's city center, just a five-minute walk from Xuan Huong Lake and within walking distance of most of the city's attractions. It actually stays right in the place of Central market. Which opens during the daytime, starting from 6.30 AM till in the evening, stalls are set up outside and the market continues as a night market. 

The market operates from 05:00 AM to 10:00 PM every day. 


How to get to Dalat Night Market 

Since Dalat night market is located in the city centre, getting to the market is super easy and simple. You can either use Google Maps, choose the best route for you and follow the directions or ask the local people where the market is. Dalat night market is very popular so literally everyone it’s location.

It’s even more convenient to reach the market if your accommodation is situated in the centre or the neighbouring area such as ward 2, ward 10, etc…. If you do not prefer to walk or stay at a homestay which is further to the centre, don’t be worried that there are many available modes of transportation you can take to get here.

In case you are still wondering where to stay in Dalat, we highly recommend staying in the area of ward 2. The accommodation price is affordable. Not to mention, this neighbourhood is safe, fast, accessible to get around the city and other tourist attractions like Dalat night market. It’s only 1.2 kilometres away, so check out the map below to see the walking distance from ward 2 to the market.

Get to Da Lat night market

Get to Da Lat night market


Things to buy at Dalat Night Market

As an interesting place to visit in Dalat, the night market offers a variety of unique items to buy. Below are the most typical things you can find when coming to this market. 


Similar to other markets in Vietnam, there always is a clothing department. Shirts, pants, shirts, shoes, socks, and a lot of other items are available here. In addition, since Dalat is situated in the highland, the temperature can drop significantly and it is much cooler at night so, besides the common pieces of clothing, you will find plenty of warm clothes here, such as coats, socks, tights, crafts, gloves, etc... 

There is also a large compartment with a big selection of thrifted clothes, where you can buy clothes for as cheap as $1 to $5, depending on the items. If you are lucky enough to find like-new clothes without any torn or frayed errors on the product at a very affordable price. Searching for unique or vintage pieces of clothing is an extremely fascinating experience in the Dalat night market, which is loved by many tourists when visiting the city. Besides that, these thrifted clothes vendors at the night market are also a popular choice for tourists who are having problems locating trousers and coats in their own size in Vietnam.

Shopping clothes in Da Lat

Shopping clothes in Da Lat



At the market, you have a wide range of choices when it comes to souvenirs. You will soon be attracted by the colourful accessories or the extraordinary handicraft souvenirs. Other paper products are postcards, notebooks or even bookmarks can be found here are also memorable gifts to remind yourself about this place.

Nevertheless, if you travel throughout the area with an open mind, you might just find the ideal gift for your family and friends. Additionally, if you would like to have some local specialities to bring home then strawberry jams, dried fruit, artichoke tea, and coffee are common local items to buy. 

Souvenirs in Da lat nightmarket

Souvenirs in Da lat nightmarket


Street Food 

If you are not interested in shopping, immerse yourself in the bustling vibe and sample a variety of local specialties. Dalat night market is recognized as a local paradise for foodies, offering a wide range of delectable meals at moderate costs. During the day, the Central Market sells fresh vegetables and fruit from the surrounding area. However, when the night falls, there are only a few stalls selling this, and the street food stalls quickly take over.

Vietnamese-style pizza is the most popular street food in Dalat. Cheap, delicious, and steamy hot which is good to enjoy on a cold night, it’s considered the signature dish of Dalat and loved by both locals and tourists. Other tasty food can also be found at Dalat night markets such as banh mi, grilled sweet potatoes, roasted chestnut, and crab soup.

Simply settle down on one of the low plastic stools in the area you want and watch the lively atmosphere. If you are overwhelmed by the choices and do not know what to choose for the first time, refer to our article about the top food to eat in Dalat

Street food at Da Lat night market

Street food at Da Lat night market


Tips to have best experiences at Dalat night market

The following are some recommendations to avoid any frustration when visiting the market:

  • Dalat night market is very crowded especially during the weekends, you should be aware and take care of your valuable belongings.
  • In order to avoid being ripped off, It is highly recommended to ask for the price before purchasing anything at the market, whatever it is. 
  • In addition, the price at Dalat night market is pretty cheap yet you should try to bargain to get a better price. 
  • Dalat will be much cooler at night so wear warm clothes and also bring a lot of water since it would be a lot of walking. 

Dalat night market is a place that you shouldn't miss when coming here, the city is beautiful in its special way and worth adding to your travel itinerary. Visit BestPrice and with us explore this city on our Dalat tours while exploring wonderful Vietnam. 

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