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Dam Sen Water Park Saigon Ho Chi Minh City

Dam Sen Water Park is an amusement park located in District 11, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The park has an area of 50 hectares with lots of wonderful games. Together with Dam Sen Culture Park, Dam Sen Water Park has become a popular destination for both local and foreign tourists coming to Ho Chi Minh City, especially during the summer holidays.


Dam Sen water park is located in 3D Hoa Binh, District 11, Ho Chi Minh City. It is at the corner of Lac Long Quan and Hoa Binh Streets.

There are several ways to get to Dam Sen water park from the city center which are by bus, taxi, or motorbike

By Bus: To get to Dam Sen Water Park, take Bus number 41 or 69 to 45 Hoa Binh stop and walks three minutes. Or take Bus number 38 or 69 to the opposite side of 45 Hoa Binh and walk for four minutes.

By taxi: You can easily get a taxi to the water park. The traveling time is approximately 30 minutes.

By motorbike: You can easily hire a motorbike from the hotel, and drive to Dam Sen water park. Just use Google Maps to search how to get there. The price for motorbike rent is from 150.000 to 250.000 VND per day.

Dam Sen Saigon Water Park

Dam Sen Saigon Water Park


Things to do at Dam Sen Saigon Water Park

Take part in body sliding game

Coming to Dam Sen Water park, you will be able to participate in 36 different games such as Love Storm & Space Bowl, Multi-slide, Giant Slide, Green Dragon... In these games, you will use the body slide games are one of the most popular games here. By jumping from a height of 12m using the body to slide into the water and suddenly fall into the cool blue lake.

Take part in body sliding game

Take part in body sliding game


Take part in relaxing games

Besides the adventurous games, Dam Sen water park has a series of gentle games that bring a sense of relaxation to players such as Fountain Square, Water Jet Massage. Fountain Square is the game where you be massaged by the water like a stream. Water Jet Massage is a new type of game where 12 jets of water will shoot into your abdomen, waist area… to stimulates and restore body functions, bringing a great sense of relaxation. You can also relax with the Wandering River, you just need to close your eyes and sit on the float, the gentle water will take you to the end of the stream.


Take part in thrilling games

There are series of thrilling games in Dam sen water park that you can choose from. The SuperSpeed ​​- Kamikaze is known as a super-speed slide with a height of up to 19m that brings an extreme feeling of "adventure" for people. Twister Max will be the second thrilling game that brings a heart-pounding feeling for those who love thrilling games. In just 12 seconds, your body will flash through two large spirals to the point where the tube merges into one and falls into the lake in a spectacular way. Tornado is another exciting game when you have to deal with a spiral pipe up to 119m long, not stopping there you also have to experience the feeling of sliding From a height of 19m, this game will surely bring you an unforgettable feeling.


Try slide games

If you like to play with your friend, you can join the Wild River game where you will be able to slide with your friends and feel like floating on a boat. Black Thunder is another exciting game where the combination between sound and light inside the slide with a height of up to 11m promises to bring you great fun with many different emotions throughout the game. Boomerang is a game for 3 people. In this game, you will fly high and then gently glide down to the lake.


Swim and relax at the swimming pool area

The pool area is also extremely diverse including Solar Massage Lake, Activity Lake, Wave Pool, Children's Lake... which is loved by many families with young children thanks to its cool, clean water, and smart utilities. The pool is able to create artificial waves varying from gentle to a strong and intense level, so tourists with kids can play with the waves. Not only children, but adults also show interest in the games inside Dam Sen Nuoc. That's why every weekend, this place is chosen by many parents to relax with their children.

Swim and relax at the swimming pool area

Swim and relax at the swimming pool area


Have quick meals

In the park, you can find a system of counters selling fast foods and restaurants that fit up to 400 people with delicious foods. The ice cream is delicious and good after you do a lot of activities here. Please see recommended restaurants for your quick meals in Dam Sen Park below

Restaurant 79: The restaurant follows a natural style, surrounded by plants and flowers. It serves a cool lunch with a Western-style.

Thuy Ta Restaurant: This is the most famous restaurant in Dam Sen, specializing in serving Chinese - Vietnamese dishes. The food here is considered to be delicious and diverse, prepared by experienced chefs.

Besides, you can go to De Men restaurant, which specializes in serving combos and special meals for babies.


Visit Dam Sen Cultural Park

Dam Sen water park features 30 types of attractions such as a botanical garden, electronic games, roller coasters, monorail train, mini zoo, a butterfly farm, and miniature lakes. There is the massive Roman square inside the park where has a light and musical water theatre with a capacity of up to 3000 people. The cultural park does not include the water park ticket, so you need to purchase the ticket at the main entrance.


Ticket price and opening hours

Opening time: Daily except for Tuesdays from 9:00 to 18:00

Entrance fees to Dam Sen Water Park Saigon

Before 16:00:  

  • VND 90,000 for visitors from 8 and 1.4 meters in height
  • VND 140,000 for visitors over 1.4 meters

After 16:00:

  • VND 80,000 for visitors from 8 and 1.4 meters in height
  • VND 120,000 for visitors over 1.4 meters

Under 0.8m and over 60 ages (having ID Card or Passport to show your age): Free of charge

Do note that these fares do not include admission to Dam Sen Cultural Park, but tickets can be purchased at the main entrance.


Tips for the best experience at Dam Sen Water Park Saigon

To have fun but a safe trip to Dam Sen water park, you need to pay attention to some regulations of the park such as:

  • When participating in the slide games, you should dress neatly and do not wear accessories ... because you can easily get stuck in the slide, which is very dangerous.
  • Pets, explosives, stimulants, and banned drugs are not allowed into the park.
  • Consciously protect the park's assets
  • Park your car in the right place if you travel by motorbike
  • Take care of your belongings
  • Keep an eye on your children if you travel with them

Dam Sen Water Park Saigon Map

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