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There are tons of morning markets in every town of Laos, but the Dao Heuang morning market is the most featured in Southern Laos and highly worth a visit.

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Also known as Km 2 Market, the market is 2 kilometers southeast out of Pakse town, near the Lao – Japanese Bridge. This massive market is a wonderland of cuisines and household goods. Additionally, you can find anything here, ranging from weaving silk, silverware, clothes, accessories, medicinal herbs, technological products and plentiful exotic items.

Taking a stroll around the market, everything your stomach desires is set out on a multitude of food stalls. No one can resist the delicious odor wafting through the air. This is an absolute food paradise of smorgasbord with a huge selection of Lao specialties and street food like cooked, fried, grilled dishes, insects, etc.

Being a foodaholic, you should bring along small notes listing of must-try foods and an empty stomach to Dao Heuang Market. Along with the edibles, the market offers fresh food including diversified fruits, vegetables, meat, river fish and other aquatic animals.

A wide range of fruits is sold in Dao Heuang Market

A wide range of fruits is sold in Dao Heuang Market


Dao Heuang Market is a convergence of sellers from around Champasak province and Vietnamese from across the border. You will be surprised at this Asian market offering thousands of products in traditional Laos style. Don’t worry about getting lost in the vast market, because it is well organized and divided into different zones such as clothing zone, silver and jewellery, food. Generally, it takes at least an hour to encircle the whole market. In most tourist market, the price is usually higher than average, so it’s an opportunity to use your bargain skills.

Dao Heuang morning market

Dao Heuang morning market

An amusing but unnoticed activity in surrounding area is to take a rest after morning shopping trip and taste a cup of Lao coffee or a snack. You can marvel at the street life as well as have a friendly chat with the locals.

The best time to explore Dao Heuang Market is in early morning. You can go on foot from the central town to get some fresh air or take a samlor, tuk-tuk, taxi, motorcycle easily founded in the town.

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