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Do Quyen waterfall Hue

If you are a nature lover, and you are looking to discover gorgeous scenery, come to the central of Vietnam. Specifically, if you are a fan of trekking, Do Quyen Waterfall is absolutely the perfect destination for you to visit. Opposed to the dry windy and sunny Central of Vietnam, this place looks so pure, green, and brings a cool natural vibe. 

Do Quyen is a stunning 300m high waterfall on Bach Ma (White Horse) mountain, which belongs to Thua Thien Hue Province. It’s located 40km outside of Hue City. The white blurry foam creates the fanciful fairy scene for the waterfall. It also offers an incredible view of other hills when you are looking from a higher place. The waterfall has a really pretty name, which is “Do Quyen”. People call it “Do Quyen” because “Do Quyen” means Rhododendrons, a type of light red flowers you can see on both sides of the waterfall. You can enjoy the charming beauty of these flowers the best when you come to visit Do Quyen Waterfall in spring.

There are plenty of options that you can choose to go from Hue city center to the waterfall such as motorbikes, buses, or taxis. However, motorbikes appeared to be the most popular choice. From the city center, just follow the Da Nang direction, then go straight to 1A Highway. Keep going till you see the sign that leads to Bach Ma. It will show you the way to reach Do Quyen Waterfall.

Do quyen waterfall

Do Quyen waterfall


What To Do in Do Quyen Waterfall

Obviously, trekking is the first thing that BestPrice would recommend. As can be known, trekking is a long walking distance activity that occurs outdoors in wild nature. When you come to Do Quyen Waterfall, the only way to reach the waterfall’s top is to climb up the stairway.

First of all, if you think it’s easy to get there, well, unfortunately, it’s not. The road is tricky, zigzagging. It can be dangerously rocky and somehow steep. In order to get there, you have to follow along the Yen Stream. During some parts, you might have to roll up your clothes to walk in the stream and step on a huge stone that can be a little bit slippery.

On top of Do Quyen waterfall

On top of Do Quyen waterfall

Before that, from the foot of Bach Ma Mountain to a trail to Yen Stream, you have to use a 12km paved path. Depending on the weather, when you stand in front of the foot of Bach Ma Mountain, it can be really cloudy, and you can see almost nothing. From Yen Stream, you will walk past by Ngu Ho (Five Lakes) Waterfall.

Ngu Ho is also a popular site that BestPrice would suggest you spend time there. Keep walking for another 50 minutes, visitors can reach the top of Do Quyen Waterfall. A lot of climbers reviewed that even though the road leading to the waterfall is challenging and exhausting, it’s totally worth the experience. You can breathe the fresh atmosphere, blend in with nature. Also, there are a lot of unique trees and flowers that you can see along the way, you will probably see Cedrus and Pine trees the most.

On the other hand, camping doesn’t sound bad either. It will create the most fun when you go in groups, especially with family or friends. Sleeping in the tents, chatting and singing by the fire, cooking BBQ foods. All of these activities will make members bond together and establish beautiful unforgettable memories. Just remember to bring all the necessary stuff to make the night you stay there as comfortable as possible.

Do quyen waterfall

Do quyen waterfall


Local Tips to visit Do Quyen Waterfall

In order to make your trip bring out the most enjoyment and wonderful experience, BestPrice highly recommends you to look at these tips to plan ahead before actually going there. Some of the outstanding tips are:

  • Check the weather in advance. If it’s predicted to have heavy rain or storms, consider adjusting your plan because it can be dangerous due to the slippery and rocky road conditions.
  • Prepare a comfortable, easy-to-move, non-slippery, and in good condition pair of shoes that can ensure your feel will not get hurt. Also, take with you a light jacket to prevent you from both the sun and the cold.
  • Bring a map just in case you get lost and there is no reception.
  • Bring water and some light snacks for a break in between.
  • Apply sunscreen to protect your skin.
  • Prepare allergy medicines and insect sprays.
  • Bring cash for entrance fees. The price for one adult is 60,000 VND while the price for one kid is 20,000 VND.

It’s better to go to Do Quyen Waterfall in the dry season. The road is more convenient and the view is better.

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