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Doc Let Beach Nha Trang

Doc Let is one of the most beautiful beaches in Nha Trang with white sand, clear blue water and the birch rows which separate the mainland from the sea. Doc Let is located in Ninh Hoa, about 50km north of Nha Trang.

“Doc” in Vietnamese means slope, the beach is called Doc Let because you have to cross large sand dunes as high as a small wall to reach the sea. Every step, quicksand of sand pulls your feet back that makes you tired but very exciting. As soon as you get out of the sand dunes, you will set foot on a wonderful beach with smooth, white sandy beaches running along the coast for nearly 10 km with clear water with thousands waves hitting the shore.

Doc Let Beach

Doc Let Beach

The unique of Doc Let beach is the wild and rustic beauty of the natural. The water is clear and clean. The highlight on the sandy white is decorated with the purple flower of sea spinach. Doc Let beach has a line of green birch covering more than 2.5 km along the coast of smooth white sand. Doc Let's sea floor is gentle slope from the shore without being as steep as other beaches. In the distance of 100 m far from the shore, the water level is only about the chest. Swimming in the beach, walking under the line of birch trees, letting your feet step on the fine sand, or walking on the dry leaves, is also an interesting experience. To the north of Doc Let beach is Van Phong bay, which is also an attractive destination.

Top 10 Beautiful Beach in Vietnam voted by Forbes

Top 10 Beautiful Beach in Vietnam voted by Forbes

Doc Let beach is known as one of the sea paradise in Nha Trang. Although the name is not very familiar with many people, after exploring on their own, many visitors will do not want to leave this wonderful place.

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