Don Khon Laos

Don Khon (Khon Island) is a small inhabited island where their people live a simple and quiet life, precisely is the word that can better describe the island Don Khon, calm and quiet.

Don KhonDon KhonDon KhonDon KhonDon KhonRestaurants On The Island Don Khon (Si Phan Don, Laos)

The first thing is not to confuse the small island Don Khon (no g at the end) with the largest island of the archipelago of Si Phan Don, Don Khong call (with g at the end).

Don Khon Island, like the rest of the islands of Si Phan Don, just available infrastructures, not only talk about roads, which in most cases are paths of Earth, but also little offer hotel (very public-oriented backpacking or travel low-cost), few restaurants and shops.
Probably this developmental delay is better than Don Khon has to offer travelers a very different experience to other areas of Laos, as can be or Luang Prabang Vientiane. In this area of French Indo-China, we can still find colonial remnants, as for example the abandoned building of what once was a French school.

If you visit Si Phan Don you can not miss the impressive water falls of Don Khon. Although there are many rapids and small waterfalls in the area, the highlight is undoubtedly the Li Phi Falls (also called) Somphamit falls() and the Khone Phapheng Falls is the South-East Asia's biggest waterfall.

The Mekong, south of Don Khone, is one of the few places in the world where it is possible to see freshwater dolphins. They can be spotted in the late afternoon from December to May, from the French pier at the end of the island, not far from the village of Ban Hang Khon. The walk across Don Khone from the railway bridge is some 4 km and bicycles can be hired. It is more likely, however, to catch a glimpse of the dolphins if you're in a boat, as they reside in deep-water pools. 

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