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Dong Giang Village Hoi An

Traveling to Dong Giang Village, tourist will have chance to discover a new land with majestic scenery and unique culture.

Dong Giang is a mountainous district of Quang Nam province. It covers an area of about 80ha with 43.000 Co Tu minority people living in 197 villages along the Kon River. Tourist will have chance to visit and get more knowledge about minority life in some villages such as Ta Vac village, Dhroong village and Bhoong village.

Dong Giang Village

Dong Giang Village

Ta Vac village leans on Truong Son mountains, Co Tu people has been born and living there for thousands years. Across hanging bridges, tourist can see Moong’s houses are put together. People here are very innocent and simple, children with clear eyes and always friendly to strangers. Then you can have a journey to Dhroong village, a traditional brocade weaving village of Co Tu people, it must be very exciting. Tourist should visit “Display and Production House” which belong to Dhroong Brocade Weaving Business Group to find out the process that local people weave brocade fabric and buy the souvenir. The peaceful Bhoong village is located at the foot of the Truong Son mountains. There are over 300 Co Tu people living there. More than 50 percent of Bhoong’s families are weaving brocade fabric and knitting bamboo and rattan. It also preserves and displays Guol’s artifacts and architecture which belong to Co Tu ethnic minority community. The center of the village is a large Guol house with 5 Moong houses surrounding, creating a closed space, similar with appearance of an ancient village of Co Tu people. Tourist will be immersed in the Tung tung, Za ză dance of Co Tu’s boys and girls and have chance to try weaving brocade and knitting bamboo with villagers, learning Co Tu language, etc.

Dong Giang Village

Dong Giang Village

Dong Giang Village is 70km far from Hoi An ancient town and take about 3 hours to drive by car. You can hire a private car or buy a Dong Giang tour from travel agent to have a great experience.

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