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Duy Vinh Village Hoi An

Situated in Duy Xuyen Dist, Quang Nam province, Duy Vinh village is famous for weaving sedge mat in a long time ago. This land was created by three Alluvium Rivers such as Thu Bon, Truong Giang and Ly Ly so the sedge mat is easy to plant and provide high productivity.  

Thel local people will harvest sedge mat in Apr and Aug then split, dyes much kind of color, wave and dry them around the year. Both of products will be delivering or selling directly in Ban Thach mat market.

Ban Thach sedge mat also appear at different occasion of Festival Hue, Thu Bon, My Son Impression for serving festival and visitors as well.

Making Mat in Duy Vinh Village

Making Mat in Duy Vinh Village

There are total about 350 households, 300 of which making sedge mat which provide nearly 10,000 pair of sedge mat each day to the market. Sedge mat weaving is a traditional occupation of Duy Vinh village through many generations. Duy Vinh village built brand name central of sedge mat, lay out and improve product quality, take part in lesson of travel development from 2006.  In addition, Duy Vinh Ban Thach sedge mat located in east central of province, so it’s attractive people coming to handicraft village. Besides that, Duy Vinh village also was certificated of sedge mat handicraft village by people’s committee Quang Nam province since 2004. Ban Thach is also one of exciting & impressive place for visitors of traditional sedge mat product.

Ban Thach sedge mat is much more diversity of model and colorful. There is so many picture appear on My Son, Hoi An Japanese Covered bridge with many kind of colorful sedge mat are made by clever workers at reasonable price.

Duy Vinh Mat Making

Duy Vinh Mat Making

In many years before, Duy Vinh craft village very hard to consume due to unstable market by others industry product. Fortunately, the purchasers come back and want to use more handmade then industry product so Duy Vinh village sedge mat step by step better soon. The sedge mats are sold wide from central – south of Vietnam particularly Quang Nam who are living in HCM and out port to others Eastern countries especially. Nowadays, the traditional handicraft village not only creating job for local people but also an attractive destination for visitors. 

Duy Vinh Village Map

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