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Elephant Waterfall

The most beautiful fall in Da Lat is Elephant Waterfall. This wonderful fall locates in Nam Ban town, Da Lat, Lam Dong province, which is not so far from the city center. However, the fall still preserves its primitive beauty through the years. The falls is even recognized as one of the Vietnam National Relics in 2001.

There is an interesting reason behind the name “Elephant Waterfall”. According to local people, there have been many giant rocks that resemble many images of the elephant along the stream of the falls. Specially when combining with the roaring sound of the fall, the rocks look like a herd of many bathing and running elephants. Subsequently, that is how the falls was named. Behind the dazzling white falls, there is a deep mysterious cave named Doi Cave (Cave of Bats). The cave is naturally decorated by old tree vines and rocks that will bring visitors such a thrilling atmosphere.

Overview Elephant Waterfall

Overview Elephant Waterfall

To fully admire the magnificence of the falls, tourists should experience about 145 steps on the twisting upward trails of natural rocks and wooden stairs. It is surely worth the trip when reaching the top of the falls. Tourists will be amazed by the majestic beauty of the falling stream, the mysterious forests and the dreamy fog. The best time of the day to visit Elephant Waterfall is early in the morning. The cold breeze and the scenic sight will help people relax and refresh.

Majestic Elephant Waterfall

Majestic Elephant Waterfall

Although it is tempting for everyone to come here and enjoy the beautiful falls, parents should pay extra attention to children when playing and photographing at the falls for safety purposes.

From the city center, tourists can reach Elephant Waterfall by motorbike to Ba Thang Hai Street, ahead to Hoang Van Thu Street toward Van Thanh Flower Village then go down Ta Nung Pass. After that, riding for the next 25km toward Nam Ban Town and finally turn right for Elephant Falls.

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