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FITO museum Ho Chi Minh City

With the ancient Northern Delta architecture, Fito Museum is the first and only one private museum about traditional medicine in Vietnam.

Fito Museum located at 41, Hoang Du Khuong Street, 10 District of Ho Chi Minh City. It was built by Mr. Le Khac Tam, who has been searching about traditional medicine for many years. Fito Museum was publicly opened in 2007 with 6 floors and 18 rooms. The museum owner used wooden door frames that are transferred from the Northern Delta to create a warm and traditional atmosphere. Fito Museum displays many images, artifacts, etc. that make tourist have an over view about all the traditional medical activities from ancient times until now.

FITO Museum

FITO Museum

Fito Museum has more than 3.000 rare artifacts which related to Vietnam traditional medicine since the Stone Age to today such as: round knife – mortar boat used to cut and pound herbal about 2.500 years old, some of artifacts was brought from the homeland of Zen master Tue Tinh and famous healer Hai Thuong Lan Ong – Le Huu Trac. Fito Museum has a huge number of ancient books on traditional medicine, including many rare book series like: Nam duoc than hieu, Y tong tam tinh which have 28 episodes, 66 volumes. Many tourists even experts from Korea, China, Japan visited the museum and found it very admirable and interesting.

FITO Museum

FITO Museum

Visiting Fito Museum, tourists have chance to take part in the process of herbal preparation such as: cutting and pounding herbal, tasting the medicines. The museum also has an area that provides medical services. Tourist can try traditional medicine examination and treatment, buying herbal there.

Fito Museum has attracted more than 20.000 visitors until now, which is one of the most attractive places in Ho Chi Minh City. The museum opens daily from 8:00 am to 5:30 pm with ticket fee is VND 120.000 for adults and VND 60.000 for children (less than 1.2m). You can reach Fito Museum easily by following the map or taking a taxi.

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