Galaxy Grotto Ninh Binh

The cave with a stalactite system is still tectonic which creates shimmering beauty in Galaxy Grotto. It is considered as “The galaxy in the mountain” in Ninh Binh.


Galaxy Grotto is located in Son Ha commune, Nho Quan district, Ninh Binh province. Along with Thien Thanh grotto, they are 2 extremely precious natural heritages in Ninh Binh. The grotto is in Tuong mountain, belonging to Trang An Mountain. In the past, this was a watching tower to protect the southwest of Hoa Lu capital under Dinh Tien Hoang and Le Dai Hanh dynasty. Closing to many historical relics such as: the dock of Le dynasty, the ancient fighting field, Phat Dau Son mountain, Galaxy Grotto is a place associated with the history of the 10th century of Vietnam.

Galaxy Grotto

Galaxy Grotto

Galaxy Grotto has a length of about 700m, was discovered in 2007. After a long period of time, the grotto was covered by bushes. To reach the grotto, tourists have to take a boat for nearly 1 km on Dang river from Tho Ha Village, then walk 500m further along the foot of Tuong mountain. You will be surprised by the beauty of the stalactite world. A light from the upper sky radiates down, expands the space and the view. Galaxy Grotto including both dry cave and wet cave. The dry cave is about 200m long, 40m wide. This place not only has colorful, diverse and lively shapes of stalactite but also has a "stone castle". The wet cave, about 500m long, is like "the galaxy in the mountain" with the river flowing around the layers of colorful stalactites.

Inside Galaxy Grotto

Galaxy Grotto

With the magnificent beauty, Galaxy Grotto is a highlight of tourism in Ninh Binh for tourist to explore and admire. Visiting Galaxy Grotto is a popular activity that many travel agencies include in their tours in Ninh Binh.


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