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Golden Buddha of Pakse is a large Buddha statue overlooking the city and Mekong River on the top of Phou Salao (Salao Mountain) at the west end of the Lao-Nippon Bridge.

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Remaining the design and architecture by the French colonization, the Golden Buddha is the high spot of Pakse, the largest provincial capital of Champassak province in the Southwest of Laos. If you visit this appealing land, the Golden Buddha is the top one attraction to unwind and inquire about the tradition of Buddhism in Laos. This site is considered as a sacred symbol and a sky gate of the Pakse city.

From the hilltop of the park, Golden Buddha overlooks the panoramic sightseeing of the city. As the guardian of the region, his gaze seems to follow every daily activity in Pakbe. Sitting still on a lotus flower, the on top Golden Buddha Statue indicates the considerable significance of Buddhism in Laos. Besides, there are many smaller statues depicting different Buddhist mudras along the way up. There is a statue that emphasizes a Snake God, usually known as a Naga serpent, trying to protect from the behind of Buddha.

The smaller stupas around the Golden Buddha

The smaller stupas around the Golden Buddha


Standing from the top hill, visitors can immerse in the spectacular view over tranquil Pakse city and impressive Mekong River. This is an ideal site to view the sunset over Mekong River and observe this pleasant city surrounded by three sides of water. Nobody can deny that this stunning sunset view is a masterpiece that worth talking a long way up there. Remember to bring along your camera to shoot the mind-blowing moment of the whole city gradually turning into darkness.

Sunset over the Pakse city and Mekong River

Sunset over the Pakse city and Mekong River


For athletic travelers, it is perfect time to sweat out by ascending the stair steps to reach the top hill. If you are about to walk up, please make sure that you don’t have any health problems and wear comfortable shoes for hiking. Another thing is noticed that some of the steps have been destructed, so be careful of slippery footsteps. For those who have inappropriate fitness to going on foot, it is better to rent a vehicle like tuk-tuk and taxi through the road curving around the hill.

The small golden stupas on the top of Phou Salao

The small golden stupas on the top of Phou Salao


The temple complex is opened from 8am to 5pm every day. However, the best time to visit is around 4pm when you can enjoy the marvelous sunset view before closing the temple.

Golden Buddha is free access for every tourist to contemplate the attribute of Laotian Buddhism. In the Buddha complex, there are some structures under construction, including a prayer hall, several exhibitions and few restaurants.

To get Golden Buddha, visitors must cross the Nippon Bridge (or Japanese Bridge) from the city of Pakse. This two-meter bridge spanning Mekong River was built to divide the city into two parts under the French colonial administration.

Golden Buddha located in the further side near Thailand. Hence, you can hire a motorbike or take a taxi/ tuk-tuk from the city. If you depart from Vientiane or Savannakhet, you can book a flight via Lao national Airlines or catch a bus to Pakse.

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