Great Bar Experiences in Bangkok, Thailand

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Experiencing the notorious Red Light Districts is one of the standouts you must highlight in your itinerary while traveling in Bangkok, Thailand. Some Bar experiences shared below will help you to discover easily the Asian entertainment paradise without being scammed.

Traveling to Bangkok is not just visiting the tourist attractions, ancient temples and pagodas, shopping at malls but also enjoying the half-girls and half post-op ladyboys show and discovering the Red Light Districts at night – an interesting specialty of Thailand. However, not everyone knows the negative sides they are facing when coming to these Bar streets, BestPrice Travel will help you confidently penetrate these 4 Red Light Districts in Bangkok, Thailand.

1. Two-sided Patpong

Patpong is the oldest’s Red light district in Bangkok. Though it is just a small street, with the density of the bars and nightclubs, Patpong is always surprisingly lively and bustling at night. Being divided into 2 areas, one area is a popular flea market and another is for “flesh party”.

Patpong Red Light District in Bangkok, Thailand

Patpong Red Light District

If you want a memorable night in Patpong, remember to find out the reputable and good quality bars to avoid being scammed and lost money. According to my experience, to restrict to fall into a trap when coming to nightclubs and bars in Patpong, you must have a precaution. Usually, some touts stand in front of the bar promise you to get no charge for admission into the club, and perhaps you just need to pay about 120-200 Bath for a drink. But it is not as simple as what you hear and witness until you receive your bill. You will be charged up to 2000 Bath, 10 times over the actual price you think for a bottle of beer. After explaining and arguing with the staff, the result hear from them is just watching the dancers in about 5 minutes could make you lost 2000 Bath. So, to avoid this case, here are some bars that are recommended by many travel forums as prestige, helping you to save time and not to be played a trick: Bada Bing a Go-Go, King Castle, King Castle II, III, Safari, The High Bar, Pussy Collection, Gold Fingers, Safari, Silver Star.

2. Lovely Soi Cowboy

Soy Cowboy red-light district Bangkok

Soy Cowboy Bangkok

The Soi Cowboy red-light district although operating after Patpong, rapidly ranked Top 1 of Asian entertainment heaven, knocked out Patpong for the kindness of all its services. Based on the travel experience of visitors who traveled to Bangkok, Soi Cowboy is safer than Patpong. The street is also more bustling with the music steadily rising from the bars next to each other. Some scantily dressed girls standing on the street are sexier and more good-looking than the other girls in the other Red light Districts. When enjoying the dancing show in the bar, avoid sitting in front of the stage if you do not want the dancers to invite you to the stage with them. Some dancers will come to sit next to you and want you to treat them a drink. Don’t worry because they will ask very kindly, you can refuse or pamper them.

Some reputable bars in Soi Cowboy are highly recommended to visitors: Baccara, Dejavu A go-go bar, Kiss A Go-Go, Midnite, Sahara, Shark, Sheba, Spice Girl, Tilac Bar, Lucky Star, Cocktail Club, Dundee.

3. Hot Nana Plaza

Nana Plaza Bangkok - best place for bar experience in bangkok

Nana Plaza Bangkok

Nana Plaza is just about 1,5km far from Soy Cowboy. You can visit both these two red-light districts on the same night. This is a U-block consisting of lots of brothels operating overnight. If you want to go to the entertaining bars, drink beers, chat with friends and watch beautiful girls crossing the street, then go to the Soy Cowboy. Nana Plaza is for those who want to taste strange things. There are a lot of ladyboys and transgenders there, please check your mate carefully before making love overnight.

4. Lively Khaosan Road

Khaosan Road Bangkok - top place for nightlife in bangkok

Khaosan Road, Bangkok

Khaosan Road is not really a Red Light District, it is likely a street for foreigners gathering and drinking beers with each other. If you have ever been to Ta Hien Street in Hanoi or Bui Vien street in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, it is possible to say that Khaosan Road looks like these streets above. Having fun in Khaosan is quite safe. The eatables and drinkables are delicious, cheap and all the services are really nice. The girls standing on the street in Khaosan Road do look more beautiful than the other streets.

In conclusion, enjoying the night atmosphere in the bar streets and red-light districts in Bangkok, Thailand is the top favorite thing of international tourists. Don’t miss this experience when traveling to Thailand.

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