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Hai Tang pagoda is the most sacred place in Cu Lao Cham Island. This pagoda is the place for fishermen of the island wish for health, peace and prosperity

Hai Tang PagodaHai Tang pagodaHai Tang pagodaHai Tang pagodaHai Tang pagodaHai Tang pagoda

Hai Tang pagoda located in Hon Lao belongs to Cu Lao Cham Island, 15 km away from Cua Dai beach so tourist must go to the island by boat or canoe. It will take you over 1 hour to go Bai Lang harbor in Cu Lao Cham Island by boat and about 30 minutes by canoe. You can reach Hai Tang pagoda after walking about 300m from the harbor.

Hai Tang pagoda

Hai Tang pagoda

Hai Tang pagoda was built in 1758 (the 19thyear of Canh Hung) in the north of Cu Lao Cham Island. But in 1848, the pagoda was moved to the area 200 meters away due to the storm in that year. The ancient triple gate is 5m in height, 6m in length and 1.5m in width. The gate has 4 pillars with lotus shapes on the top and yin yang tile roof. Opposite to the gate is Bodhisattva statue in the center of a lotus pond. The main shrine separated into 3 rooms. Tam The Buddha are worshiped in the middle room; Tam Thanh Quan Cong, Chau Xuong and Luu Binh statues are on the right and the left is Dia Tang Bodhisattva. All statues in Hai Tang pagoda were made from wood instead of bronze and gold statues today. As time passed, after about 260 years, Hai Tang pagoda still remains the original ancient appearance. We must mention about “Song Long Trieu Duong” bell of pagoda, its early Le dynasty style shows that the bell was casted before the Hai Tang pagoda was built.

Hai Tang pagoda

Hai Tang pagoda

Visiting Hai Tang pagoda, you will not see any abbot here, there are only an elderly couple looking after the pagoda every day. If you have chance to travel to Cu Lao Cham Island, you should visit Hai Tang pagoda to rest your mind with the beautiful scenery.

Tourist can go to Hai Tang pagoda by yourself or attending Cu Lao Cham full day group tour. Many tour agents offer the transport, meals and tour guide. From Da Nang, you can go to Hoi An by bus then take a taxi to Cua Dai harbor which is the most saving method. Then you can buy canoe ticket that cost VND 450.000 / round trip ticket or a boat ticket cost VND 100.000 / one way ticket but spend more time than going by canoe.


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