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Happy Hill Dalat Da Lat

Happy Hill Dalat is a place that attracts many tourists recently. Let's find out where Happy Hill Dalatis and what makes it become an attractive place.

Happy Hill is a hot place in Da Lat that many tourists are looking for recently. This place is an emerging film studio with tons of interesting angles for taking photos. Located right next to Tuyen Lam Lake, not far from the city centre, Happy Hill studio attracts hundreds of visitors every day thanks to its natural beauty and impressive man-made works.

Located right in the eco-tourism area - Da Tien restaurant - Tuyen Lam lake, about 12km from the city centre. It takes about 20-30 minutes to move from the centre by motorbike or car.

Happy hill Da lat

Happy hill Da lat


How to get to Happy Hill Dalat?

Travel from Dalat center to Happy Hill film studio is very simple, and you can use Google Maps. From the center of Da Lat city, travel along National Highway 20 to Prenn Pass, then get into to Truc Lam Yen Tu Street, go straight all the way to Hoa Cam Tu Cau Street, then get into Hoa Phuong Tim Street. Tuyen Lam Lake is at the end of the road where you can find Happy Hill Dalat.

If you don’t want to use google map and find your way, you can book a tour of Da Lat which stops at Happy Hill. You will not have to worry much about finding your way to the film studio. Besides, the tour guide will enthusiastically support you in finding the way to other places nearby such as Bao Dai Palace, Datanla waterfall, Vo Cuc Lake, etc. which are the most famous places in Dalat.


Opening hours and contact detail

Opening hours: 7 am to 5 pm daily

Entrance ticket:  50,000 VND/adult, including an accompanying drink,

If you are planning to shoot a short film here, you need to contact the management to be supported: happyhill@dalatcity.org


Places to check-in & things to do at Happy Hill Dalat

  • Daisy garden

The daisy garden is an ideal check-in place for tourists who love nature and flowers. Traveling to Da Lat and visiting Happy Hill at the end of the year, you will have the opportunity to admire the white daisy garden in full bloom, this is considered one of the most beautiful daisy gardens in this city of flowers. Here, you can check in comfortably with dreamy photos next to daisies. Many couples also choose this place as a very romantic wedding photography place.

  • Giant spider web

The giant spider web at Happy Hill is the place for many mischievous photos of young people coming to visit Da Lat. The large spider web is made from ropes stuck through the trees. From a distance, you will think it is a real spider web. Coming closer, you can carefreely take pictures on it without fear of falling because authority has checked carefully.

  • Heart Island in Tuyen Lam Lake

Heart Island is an artificial mini island in the middle of Tuyen Lam Lake. It has the shape of the heart and is a place for many couples to choose for saving happy moments together. The heart island will be extremely beautiful and shimmering in the picture if you know the angle to take the scene of the whole island.

Check in Happy Hills Dalat

Check in Happy Hills Dalat

  • TreeHouse

The treehouse is probably the hottest check-in point at Happy Hill. A simple little house built firmly on the tree is definitely a place everyone wants to see once. From this treehouse, you can look down, and see the whole Tuyen Lam lake. Above the lake is a model of the Vietnam map made from stone lotus trees, which is interesting to see.

  • Hydrangea Flower Road

Although the hydrangea flower street is small, taking photos with fresh flowers blooming here is extremely romantic. Hydrangea is a flower that blooms all year round, so you can come here to take pictures at any time, there is no need to choose the correct season like taking photos with the daisy flowers. The road is quite steep, so make sure you and your friends safe when checking in here.

  • Other miniatures

Wooden stairs on trees, wooden swings on the banks of Tuyen Lam lake, pine forests, etc. are other beautiful places in Happy Hill Dalat which you should not ignore. You can enjoy the panoramic view of the lake from above on the wooden stairs on the tree or swing happily by the lake on the wooden swing.

  • Café Happy Hill Dalat

Café Happy Hill Dalat is located right on the road of hydrangeas, which is a nice stop after wandering Happy Hill. Café Happy Hill is rustic, simple with a vintage style that is loved by many tourists. "Hiding" in this small wooden house halfway up the hill of Happy Hill, you can see the whole scene of the film set, where you just checked in such as the heart island, the daisy garden, the wooden swing, the treehouse. … Immersing yourself in the peaceful scenery here, surely you will not be disappointed.

Happy hills coffee

Happy hills coffee


  • Rowing boat on Tuyen Lam Lake

Rowing a boat on Tuyen Lam Lake is one of the most enjoyable activities here, especially at the sunset. You can rent a small boat with a capacity of 6-10 people, the rental price is about 300,000 - 500,000 VND / boat. Floating on the lake and watching the sunset with friends and relatives is also a memorable moment you should try.


Tips for visiting Happy Hill Dalat

  • You should comply with all regulations and rules when coming to tourist areas. This is a way to keep this place beautiful and unspoiled.
  • When rowing at Tuyen Lam Lake or climbing the wooden bridge to enjoy the scenery, ensure the safety of yourself and your companions, especially if you are traveling with young children, always keep an eye on them.
  • Protect the environment and landscape at the filming site so that the resort is always beautiful in the eyes of tourists coming to Da Lat.
  • Bring some protective gear such as a waterproof bag, a strap…for your phone, camera, camcorder devices in case you rowing on the lake, and the water can damage your devices.
  • Bring snacks if you intend to stay there the whole day. Not far away from Tuyen Lam lake, there is Da Tien ecological restaurant, which serves the best food in Da Lat. So, you and your family can have lunch there.
  • Bring some basic medicine such as headache pills, stomach pain pills, .. in case you are not used to the food here.

By reading the article, you must have known where Happy Hill is and what makes this place attract so many visitors. So do not hesitate to plan a trip to Dalat, and visit this beautiful place. Contact Bestprice to book the Da Lat tours.

Happy Hill Dalat Map

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