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Con Dao Helicopter: Flight Schedule, Ticket Price & How to Book

May 20, 2022 - 522 views

How many flights are there a week by helicopter to Con Dao? How much for the ticket? How to buy tickets? You can find answers for all these questions and detailed information in this article.

Helicopter flights to Con Dao

In addition to air tickets to Con Dao operated by civil aircraft of domestic airlines, you can also travel to Con Dao by helicopter operated by Southern Helicopter Company.

Helicopter to Con Dao is a new means of exploiting the flight route to Con Dao, launched in 2019 with the purpose of meeting the travel needs of tourists.

Helicopter to Con Dao

Helicopter to Con Dao

Frequency of helicopter flights to Con Dao

Currently, there is only one direct flight from Vung Tau to Con Dao operated by helicopter with a frequency of 2 flights/per week (every Friday and Sunday).

The total flight time to Con Dao is 60 minutes/trip. Take-off and landing times are applied to a single time frame as shown in the table below:

Flight route

Take-off time

Landing time

Vung Tau - Con Dao



Con Dao - Vung Tau



Helicopter flight schedule to Con Dao

Types of helicopters to Con Dao

There are three types of helicopters put into use serving the Vung Tau - Con Dao route and vice versa. These are MI-171V, MI-172V (made by Russia), and Cabri G2 (made by France - for sightseeing only) with specific specifications. Check more details of helicopters flying to Con Dao below:


MI-171V & MI-172V

Cabri G2

Number of seats

03 crew members and 22 passengers.

01 pilot and 01 passenger

Maximum take-off weight

13.000 kg

420 kg


02 engines TV3-117VM 2000 hp (horsepower)

1 PISTON O-360-J2A

Max flight range

590 km

700 km

Average flight speed

220 - 250 km/h

166 - 185 km/h

Details of helicopters to Con Dao 

Accordingly, helicopter flights to Con Dao by MI-171V and MI-172V aircraft are more commonly operated with the advantage of short flight time and more seats than Cabri G2 helicopters, which can only carry one passenger.

Helicopter fares to Con Dao

The price of a helicopter ticket to Con Dao is fixed at a single level as follows:


One-way fare

Round trip fare










Children (from 02 to 12 years old)





Toddler (under 02 years old)


Helicopter fare to Con Dao


  • The ticket price includes taxes and related costs
  • Fares in dollars are subject to changes in exchange rates

In general, helicopter tickets from Vung Tau to Con Dao are better priced than direct flights from other provinces to Con Dao. However, there are some limitations when using a helicopter to Con Dao as the number of tickets is limited and passengers are required to depart from Vung Tau.

Where to buy helicopter tickets to Con Dao

To buy a helicopter ticket to Con Dao, you need to plan to book a ticket about 1-2 months before your departure date and choose a reputable travel agency when buying air tickets to Con Dao.

You can book a helicopter ticket to Con Dao quickly by contacting BestPrice Travel via hotline +84 904-699-428. Or refer to websites tructhang.vn or condaoexpress.net.

If you want to buy tickets directly, go to Vung Tau Airport at No. 36, Street 30/4, Vung Tau City.

Vung Tau Airport Terminal

Vung Tau Airport Terminal

Reviews of the helicopter to Con Dao

What do passengers say after experiencing a Con Dao helicopter flight? Take a look at the most honest shares below to be able to prepare yourself for the perfect trip!

  • Vlogger Yeumaybay:

“The helicopter ride to Con Dao is very smooth, without vibrations. Everyone should note that there are no flight attendants on the helicopter, so there will be no service at all, but with 1 hour in the helicopter, I think there is nothing that needs to be served. The seat on the helicopter is quite small, so it won't feel very comfortable when sitting."

  • Passenger Dung Le:

“My first experience with the helicopter was quite good, the flight was very smooth, and each person was wearing a noise-canceling headset. The important thing is that it takes about 1 hour to arrive and the fare is quite cheap compared to other routes to Con Dao.”

  • Passenger Duc Minh Tran:

“I prefer to take a helicopter to Con Dao than take a speedboat because I can save travel time and enjoy the beautiful scenery from above. Moreover, the helicopter ticket is not very expensive, the seats are a bit small but still comfortable. This is quite an interesting trip for me.”

Passengers' Experience With Helicopter To Con Dao

Passengers' Experience With Helicopter To Con Dao

Notes when taking a helicopter to Con Dao

When traveling to Con Dao by helicopter, you should note the following important information to have a satisfying flight:

- Passengers are allowed to bring a maximum of 5 kg of hand luggage and 10kg of checked baggage when taking a helicopter to Con Dao.

- Passengers need to arrive at least 1 hour before the flight time to do the check-in procedures in accordance with the regulations of the flight operator.

- When checking in, each passenger needs to present valid identification documents such as ID or passport, or birth certificate (for children),... just like check-in for a normal flight.

- Regulations on a refund-cancellation of helicopter tickets to Con Dao:

  • If the flight cannot be made on time, the flight is canceled due to force majeure or at the request of a competent authority, the passengers will be refunded the ticket according to the regulations of the operator.
  • In case the passenger requests to cancel the ticket by themselves before the departure date, the following regulations apply: 7 days notice, 50% refund; 3 days advance notice 10% refund; 1 day notice (24 hours) is non-refundable. For each ticket, when processing the refund, an additional fee of $2 will be collected.

- Passengers need to comply with other conditions of carriage as prescribed by Southern Helicopter Company - the unit that operates helicopter flights to Con Dao.

If you are planning to book a helicopter to Con Dao, BestPrice Travel hopes that the information in the above article will be useful to you. Wish you have an interesting journey when discovering Con Dao - the sacred land of the country.

If you have any information that needs to be supported, please get in touch with bestpricetravel.com immediately via the hotline +84 904-699-428 for the fastest help. Don't forget, BestPrice also offers a cheap flight booking service with lots of attractive offers waiting for you!

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