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An Overall Guide on Ho Chi Minh to Nha Trang Bus

July 19, 2021 - 404 views

After a few days in the colourful, busy, and energetic Ho Chi Minh, the largest city in Vietnam, you will need to find somewhere to kick back and relax. Nha Trang is an ideal place, where you can enjoy the beautiful sand beach, take bath with a special mud, visit Po Nagar tower, Long Sơn Pagoda, and a large statue of Buddha, join the diving or scuba diving adventure. The below article about Ho Chi Minh to Nha Trang Bus is helpful if you choose this kind of transfer.

About Ho Chi Minh to Nha Trang bus

The distance from Ho Chi Minh to Nha Trang is about 430 kilometres by bus, and you need to spend from 9.5 to 11 hours travelling between these two places by bus. Tourists can choose either overnight bus or daytime bus. The daytime bus allows you to enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way, while the overnight one will save you a night hotel booking.

In Ho Chi Minh, they depart from tourist areas like District 1 and Mien Dong bus station. Some bus brands offer a free shuttle service within a 10 kilometres radius. This means that if your hotel is located 10 kilometres from the bus station, you will be pick up from your hotel for free. Most buses from Ho Chi Minh to Nha Trang drops their customers at Nha Trang South Bus Station, or the bus offices, therefore do not forget to double-check with the staff about the drop-off location.

There is only one type of bus running the route Nha Trang to Ho Chi Minh: Sleeper Bus. The sleeper bus is a double-deck coach equipped with fixed berths and a capacity for 40–46 passengers. These are quite comfortable so you can sleep during most part of the journey.

Ho Chi Minh to Nha Trang Bus


Ho Chi Minh to Nha Trang bus price & schedule

There are many high-quality and normal local coaches from Ho Chi Minh City to Nha Trang. The coaches run the whole day, from early morning to evening. Although travel time is 9.5 to 11 hours, depending on which brand it is, some coaches will stop along the way to pick up their guests.

The price of the bus ticket from Nha Trang to Ho Chi Minh ranges from VND 200,000 – VND 400,000 depending on the type of vehicle that you choose. Keep in mind that some bus companies in Vietnam increase the price on weekends and national holidays.

Sleeper bus Ho Chi Minh Nha Trang

Sleeper bus


Please see some famous coach brands & schedules & prices:

Bus brand Schedule Durations Pick Up Drop Off Price

The Sinh Tourist 

7:00, 21:00 10 - 11.5 hours Eastern Bus station Nha Trang Bus station VND 270,000
Phuong Trang Bus 8:00, 11:00; 19:00; 21:00; 22:00 12 hours 272 De Tham street, Western bus station, Eastern bus station 07 Hoang Hoa Tham street, Nha Trang city VND 250,000
Ha Linh bus 17:00, 19:00, 20:15, 21:00 10 - 13 hours

217 Pham Ngu Lao street, the 1 district, Eastern bus stop.

No.58, 23/10 Street, Nha Trang city VND 200,000
Hoang Long Coach 8:00, 14:30, 17:30, 18:30, 21:00 11 hours Eastern Bus station 42 Cai Lo Tuyen – Dien Khanh- Khanh Hoa VND 230,000
Hanh Cafe 7:00, 21:00 ~12 hours Hanh Café office, 145 Nguyen Cu Trinh Nha Trang Bus station VND 220,000


Hoang Long Bus Ho Chi Minh Nha Trang

Hoang Long is one of the most famous bus brands


Tips to travel by bus from Ho Chi Minh to Nha Trang

  • Ho Chi Minh City to Nha Trang buses is not a good option for tall people and tourists with a lot of luggage. Some buses can hardly accommodate a person with more than 1.70 m height.
  • Most of the bus ticket includes a suitcase and hand luggage, you may need to pay extra money if you bring more than that. So double-check with the provider about the luggage allowances.
  • Booking the bus ticket in advance is highly recommended, you can book directly with the provider, or by the bus ticket at the bus station.
  • Remember to arrive at the pickup point 30 minutes before the scheduled departure time. Some buses provide free transfer from the point of departure to the bus terminal by shuttle bus, you must show up in advance.

For those who are on a budget, an overnight bus will be a great choice to travel between Ho Chi Minh City and Nha Trang. Travelling on a sleeper bus, you can enjoy the cheap bus ticket, and save a night accommodation booking. After 10 hours, you will be able to reach beautiful Nha Trang, are you ready to join adventurous activities here? If you want to know more about the Nha Trang tours, do not forget to visit the Bestprice website.


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