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Hoi An Market Hoi An

Situated on the banks of the Thu Bon River, Hoi An Market is an ideal location for guests to see the trading of the locals on the shore, or even on the water. You can also buy everything here, from food to house wares or garments...

The best time to visit the crowded fish market is 6-7 AM. Fishermen bring their best fishes to sell by small boats. If you are not afraid fishy smell, this is a place cannot to be missed. You will be extremely surprised to see fresh fish, before it became the great dishes for your lunch or dinner.

Hoi An Central Market

Hoi An Central Market

In another area, you will find the food paradise, from the fresh ingredients to the great dish. The aroma from the herbs, spices or fruits will make you feel refreshed, ready for a new day of fun. Besides, the fresh fish products, seafood will make you admired and wished to enjoy them instantly. When you feel hungry, do not hesitate any longer, look at one small stalls and you can call a cao lau or hu tieu bowl, the specialty of Hoi An.

A special thing, inside the market, the color of the silk fabric would cause you so exited.  Express tailoring service within 24 hours with an amazingly price is not the bad choice for those who love fashion. You can order one dress, skirt or jacket and get them after the full day tour.

Products in Hoi An Market

Eating local food

Remember that, even buy anything (except food), you should use the virtuosity bargain skill. Whether you are a foreigner, or local, bargaining is also a feature of the trading at the market of Vietnam. However, you also have the idea of item rate before bargaining, this will help you confidently get the items at affordable price.

Products in Hoi An Market

Products in Hoi An Market

Hoi An market opens all days of the week, and welcomes you at any hour of daytime. Whether you have no intention of buying anything, then this does not mean that you will not take something from the market, maybe it just a impressed photo.

Hoi An Market Map

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