Hon Mieu Island Nha Trang

Also known as Tri Nguyen or Bong Nguyen Island, Hon Mieu is considered the best inshore island in Nha Trang Bay

The island offers not only a tranquil beach with a beautiful landscape but also many activities for tourists to enjoy, from touring aquarium to visiting a fishing village.

 Hon Mieu Fishing Village

Hon Mieu Fishing Village

If you are a sealife lover, then you should definitely come to Tri Nguyen aquarium, which water lake level equals sea level. The local aquarium looks like a fossil ship with clinging moss, which is the home to a variety of rare marine species. The outdoor area contains both the familiar fish like mackerel, tuna, rays; and the rare flavor like lobsters weighing 3kg, giant squids, etc. Many tourists love seeing the miniature ocean with live corals farmed as in the ocean inside. There is a glass tunnel underneath a large lake. Walking through the tunnel feels like passing through an adventure with sharks, arowana, eels, grouper swimming around.

There are 2 beautiful beaches named Bai Soi beach and Bai Tranh beach. While Bai Soi has tons of piled gravel, Bai Tranh beach has a sandy beach with clear blue water. Travelers often come to Bai Tranh for bathing or sunbathing.

Bai Tranh Beach in Hon Mieu

Bai Tranh Beach

After visiting the attractions, you can always stop by Hon Mieu fishing island. Located at the Southwest of the island, the fishing village offers lots of freshly cooked seafood, caught right at the nearby farming area.

You can consider joining tourist boats to enjoy the full journey, from visiting natural attractions to being served fresh seafood right on the raft. You can also rent a bamboo basket boat from the fishermen to try some fun experiences.

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Hon Mieu Island Map

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