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Hon Tre Islands Nha Trang

Located 5km of East Nha Trang’s centre and 3.5km of harbor Cau Da, Hon Tre (Bamboo) Island is the largest island in Nha Trang complex. Each year, the island attracts a lot of tourists coming here to enjoy natural beauty, everyday life of local people, visit wonderful landscapes.

In the past, Bamboo Island was called Trakso. However, looking from Rach Gia city, the island appears as a huge turtle on ocean; hence local people also called it as Turtle Island. Besides, there are a lot of bamboo tress; so people also call it Bamboo Island.
Local people are very friendly and always welcome visitors coming here to travel or explore their traditional culture, especially on some special festivals. Except for Tet holiday, following the lunar calendar, there are four main special occasions on Bamboo island: Ba Chua Xu festival on 15th February, festival to memory Ong Nam Hai on 26th April, the full-moon day in July and Ba Thuong Dong festival on 9th September.

Hon Tre Islands

Hon Tre Islands

Not only great hospitality of local people, Bamboo island attracts visitors by its incredible beauty of landscapes.
If you do not have more time, go to visit Chen beach (in Vietnamese, “Chen” means “bowl”) first because this place seems to have the most romantic sightseeing in Bamboo island complex. On the way to Chen beach, visitors will be charmed with sweet scenery of colorful orchards like mangos, apples along mountain sites. Setting food on the beach, visitors are surprised because without vast soft sand, there many stones stretching about 2km on Chen beach like many bowls lying silently. Clear blue sea, cool water and calm waves always bring people peaceful time. Moreover, you can rinse your body after swimming by cool water of Gold stream next to this beach.



Different from the wild scenery of Chen beach, Vinpearl Land treats visitors by modern leisure areas and a range of attractive activities. Vinpearl Land is famous for a modern park with various games for both children and adult. For example, the outside area includes high- speed glider, animal swings; and inside areas offers majestic castle for children, virtual games, fairy garden, or movie theater, etc. Furthermore, it is also worth to get wet in the Water Park, and spend time to explore incredible beauty of marine creatures in the Vietnam’s largest aquarium here.
In addition, you can continually discover other landscapes in Bamboo Island such as temple of Ong Nam Hai, Con Se Tre village, ecobiotic area Bai Soi, ecobiotic area Dam Ray, etc.

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