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Hua Hin - The Hidden Paradise in Thailand

Upon coming to Thailand, never should you miss visiting the beautiful coastal town of Hua Hin, in which take place a lot of fascinating experiences.

Lying about 200 km to the South of Bangkok, Hua Hin has been known as one of the most beautiful coastal towns in Thailand. However, unlike the famous Koh Samui or Phuket, it seems lesser-known to tourists from all around the world. In fact, this town has more than you can expect and definitely, could also provide you with interesting experiences during your trip to Thailand.

On visiting Hua Hin for the first time, you would be amazed by the stunning beach that it features. With white sand and crystal-clear water creating a truly poetic scenery, Hua Hin Beach is an ideal place that could fulfill anyone's wishes for somewhere to get away from the stressful modern life and engross in a peaceful atmosphere or just simply to avoid the boiling hot summer.

Tranquil and peaceful as the beach is, it is surrounded by a busy town with a variety of excellent hotels, resorts, and energetic tourism industry, for the town has been heavily invested in the industry since 1920. This means that you can be offered the best service plus experience when coming here without any difficulty in finding accommodation or transportation.

Besides the charming beach, Hua Hin also features a wide range of tourist spots, most of which are linked to nature, history, religion, and also the local lifestyle. From the primitive national park to the crowded night market, from the sacred temple to the romantic vineyard, etc. all of those would give you great experiences plus a fascinating insight into the Hun Hin's history, nature, and lifestyle.

Hua Hin

Hua Hin - The paradise to tourists 

With all those features, a visit to this beautiful seashore town in Thailand would be absolutely worth it.

The History of Hua Hin

The town of Hua Hin possesses so long and interesting a history that you may somehow be attracted to pay a visit to the town.

While Koh Samui and Phuket were recently discovered and then have rapidly become two of the most famous spots in Thailand, Hun Hin, with it gradual development, has been known as a place of tourism and relaxation for about 70 years, which was explained by the exploration and investment of King Prajadhipok (Rama VII) in the early 1920s.

Generally, Hua Hin was previously a serene fishing village which was found by a group of farmers from some agricultural areas of Phetchaburi Province, then named "Samore Riang" (means the row of rocks) due to the scenery created by white sand and hundreds of rocks.

Afterward, it was discovered by King Prajadhipok as a favorite getaway from the muggy metropolis of Bangkok, which was followed by the miraculous transformation from a village to the Royal resort with many excellent hotels and eventually the present Hun Hin. Nowadays, the town offers tourism services for anyone from all around the world, in all classes; therefore, it would be a great idea to get to Hua Hin and spend your vacation.

Things to do in Hua Hin

As a long-standing tourism spot, Hua Hin provides tourists with various fascinating things to do during their vacation to the town.

  • Relax on the beach

One of the most important things to do when visiting the coastal town of Hua Hin is to lay yourself on the white sand, enjoy the sunshine and immerse in the cold seawater. Especially in the summer, nothing's better than to indulge in your vacation on Hua Hin beach to avoid the burning sun. Besides, taking a walk along the coast and chatting with your friends or family would be fun and exciting plus a chance to get closer to each other.

Beach in Hua Hin

Hua Hin Beach

  • Visit Rajabhakti Park

Another thing to do in Hua Hin that is equally fascinating is to visit Rajabhakti Park, in which stand 7 delicate giant copper statues of 7 kings in Thailand's history. In fact, the name of "Rajabhakti" (a park that was built by loyalty to the King) was given to the park by King Bhumibol Adulyadej. On coming here, you would feel the solemnity and also the love devoted to the 7 kings. It is often recommended that you come on a tour as the tour guide will certainly give you a deeper insight into the park.

Rajabhakti Park

Rajabhakti Park

  • Explore Moonsoon Valley Vineyard

After a morning visiting various excellent places of Hua Hin, you can take a break for lunch in Moon Valley Vineyard, which is an ideal place to enjoy the amazing nature. The vineyard itself possesses an exquisite restaurant where you can enjoy the appetizing meal while admiring the beautiful scenery from inside. Upon finishing the lunch, you can be taken around the vineyard by an electric car to directly see the stunning beauty of it under the sunshine and especially during the harvest. In addition, the famous wine and grapefruit here could be bought as a present with a price of 750 Baht (23.74USD).

Moonsoon Valley Vineyard

Moonsoon Valley Vineyard

  • Visit Khao Sam Roi Nhot National Park

Khao Sam Roi Nhot National Park has been long known as the first and only coasted national park in Thailand. Each year, the park attracts thousands of tourists from around the world to come and admire its beauty. One of the most famous spots in Khao Sam Roi Nhot is Nakhon Praya Cave, where exists an exquisite royal temple, the symbol of Prachuap Khiri Khan province. The temple was built by King Rama V and has been considered a hidden treasure, due to the way to it which is hard to come through. Therefore, be careful when visiting the temple, as the slippery road can make you fall anytime.

Temple in Sam Roi Nhot National Park

Visit the exquiste temple in Sam Roi Nhot Park

  • Experience night market in Hua Hin

The nightlife has been considered as a feature of Thailand, as you can easily find the bustling atmosphere at night anywhere around the country including Hua Hin. In this town, an interesting thing to do during the night is to visit the night market. Here, you can buy anything, from clothes to souvenirs, etc. which vary in price and standard. Also, you can take a food tour along the market to taste all the delicious food, or just simply take a walk and chat with your friends to immensely enjoy the night in Hua Hin.

The night market in Hua Hin

Night market in Hua Hin

The best time to visit Hua Hin is from November to February, which is the winter months, so it would be great to visit places without being prevented by the burning sun. However, if you plan to enjoy Hua Hin beach, you can certainly come in the summer months. Also, people who are longing for a peaceful and non-disturbance vacation may visit Hua Hin from March to May as it is the offseason.

How to get to Hua Hin

There are several ways to get to the beautiful town of Hua Hin, which depends on your preference and budget. Here are some.

For those who plan to visit the town on a budget, traveling by public van, train, or bus can be an excellent idea. From anywhere in Thailand, there are a lot of them that take you to Hua Hin at a reasonable price between 200 and 400 Baht (from 6.33 to 12.66 USD).

Alternatively, if you want a more comfortable trip and are not on a tight budget, you can certainly book a private taxis or limousine to get to Hua Hin with a price of about 200 Baht (63.39USD).

There are also flights available to get to Hua Hin but limited and infrequent. These flights can be suitable for those who require both convenience and high speed to get to the town quickly. Usually, you will have to take a taxi to reach Hua Hin from the airport, as it is 6 km from the town.

In addition, during your trip to Hua Hin, you can get around in the town plus visit some tourist spots in many ways which include going on a hired motorbike, being taken anywhere by a tuk-tuk, or typically a songthaew (the local bus).

Traveling to Hua Hin in Thailand could give you the best experience that you can never forget, so pack your back and join us on the Hua Hin tour.

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