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Phu Bai Airport

Hue Airport or Phu Bai International Airport’s airport code is HUI. Lots of people call it Hue Airport for short and perhaps it’s easier to distinguish from other city’s airports. It was constructed in 1940 by the French. Hue Airport is located on 1A Highway, Phu Bai Ward, Huong Thuy Town, Thua Thien Hue Province, which is 15km to the southeast of Hue’s city center. For passengers, Phu Bai is considered as on

Hue Airport consists of two floors with a total area of 6539m2, which means it can hold a total number of 1.5 million passengers each year. The first floor is a designated spot for restricted arrivals, which comprises domestic arrivals and international arrivals. Basically, it serves passengers who come to check-in for the flights. Besides, on the first floor, you can also see a security check area, baggage area, check-in area, and lounges for business and first-class.

Furthermore, food and drinks corner, ATMs, Information Center, Lost and Found, and offices of different airlines are easily recognized. On the other hand, the second floor is for departure. It also includes a restricted area for domestic and international flights, food and drinks stalls, lounges for business and first-class, and souvenir shops (department stores). There are several airlines that you can find in Phu Bai International Airport which are Bamboo Airways, Vietnam Airlines, VietJet Air, Pacific Airlines, Hai Au Aviation, etc.

Phu Bai Airport

Phu Bai Airport


Phu Bai International Airport Services

Although it’s not too huge and spacious an airport, Phu Bai International Airport still provides a wide range of essential services. For example, some of the note-worthy services are:

VIP service: VIP service can be registered for important guests, celebrities, government, etc. Passengers will be served carefully and professionally with an assigned staff that will take care of the majority of the procedures. Using VIP service has its own perk with fast security check, you don't have to wait in line, you can use the luxury lounges and the private way. In addition, when you sign up for VIP service, the one who comes with you to drop off can also come with you to the jet bridge. However, of course, the price of VIP service is indeed expensive.

Food and Drinks: it’s easy to find food and drinks corners inside the airport on both floors. You will have lots of options to choose from and different styles of restaurants and cafes ranging from something quick and easy to something more delicate. The price of food inside the airport is, of course, a little bit pricier compared to outside. However, it’s not that overpriced compared to other airports in Vietnam.

Sleeping: On the resting side, if you have a short layover, you can rest on the bench. However, if you feel tired and need to recharge, BestPrice recommends you go to some nearby hotels to rest for more energy. For the best information, you can go to the 1st floor to look for some airport service providers. Some of the good quality hotels that you can consider around Phu Bai International Airport are Serene Shining Hotel, Jade Hotel, Alba Spa Hotel, Victory Hotel Hue, Indochine Palace, etc. You can transfer to some of these hotels conveniently by airport free shuttle service.

Shopping: Unfortunately, at this time, Phu Bai International Airport doesn’t have duty free, but if you can still go shopping for some small souvenirs in several shops in the airport. Normally, they sell some speciality food, local T-shirts, traditional clothes like Vietnamese Ao Dai or conical hats. Besides, photo frames, books, and handicrafts are in a highly popular demand as well. Those are great for gifts and memories.

Hue Airport services

Hue Airport services

Medical service: in case of emergency, Phu Bai has a well-trained, professional, and responsible medical staff team that is willing to face any unexpected incident. They are equipped with modern facilities, transportation, and medicines to be ready to respond quickly and efficiently in any situation. You can find a medical service room located opposite the check-in area on the first floor. In addition, if a passenger requests a wheelchair, just put in a request at a check-in counter and they will provide assistance to support.

ATMs/ Cash Machines/ Banking Service: if you need cash, don’t worry, you are in good hands. ATMs/ Cash Machines/Banking Service are all available on the first floor. However, a certain amount of fee might be applied. Also, pay attention to your bank schedule and the limit amount of withdrawal per day to prepare.

 Free water fountain on the second floor.

 Free 24/7 Unlimited Wifi service.


Hue Transfer Services

There are various kinds of transportation that you can choose to go to and from Hue centre to Phu Bai International Airport. You can consider picking between taxis, buses, travel company’s transfer cars, or airport shuttle service. Depending on your purpose and needs varies by duration, price, and convenience, you can evaluate and compare to pick the best option.

By buses: It’s no doubt the cheapest option of all. It will take you around 30-40 minutes to reach the destination. At this time, there are 2 buses that serve the route going directly from the airport to the city centre. They are Route 2 and Route 11 round-trip. You will have to walk around 10 minutes to the bus station outside the airport. If you are not sure about the direction, please don’t hesitate to ask the staff or the security there. They are super helpful and always willing to help. The most reliable bus brand that visitors recommend is Phuong Trang – Futa Bus. According to the schedule, the bus will come every 30-60 minutes, starting from 5:00 am to 10:00 pm, so you don’t have to wait for so long for your bus. The price for one round range from 5,000 VND to 20,000 VND. The obvious ultimate advantage of taking a bus is it’s a cost-efficient method. However, it’s more suitable if you travel in a small group, and don’t carry so much luggage.

Hue Airport transfer

Hue Airport transfer

By taxis: Traveling by taxis will cost you 15-20 minutes, so compared to buses, it’s faster, so you can save some extra time. It’s also considered a safe option. Moreover, it gives you more privacy and you have your own personal space. It’s definitely the easiest choice that you can find and get access to, but it is the most expensive consideration. Normally, it will cost you 220,000 for a one-way, which is 11 – 44 times more expensive compared to taking a bus. Some popular taxi brands that tourists usually book are Mai Linh Taxi, Thanh Hung Taxi, Thanh Cong Taxi, etc. If you still want the taxi option, but at a lower cost, you can book the taxi right from the airport with Di Chung Taxi. Di Chung’s rate is 170,000 VND for a 4-seats taxi while it’s 220,000 VND for a 7-seats taxi.

By transfer car from a travel company: It will be the most valuable option if you travel in a big group. It will take 25-30 minutes to reach the destination. In order to save time, it’s better to book the car from a travel agency in advance, but in case you don’t have to do that, that’s okay, too. You can still have a conversation with an agent in the airport, normally they have their own desk and stall. Remember to ask for the price and the route so you can compare your different choices. The price will depend on whether it’s daily or holidays.

By motorbike: If you don’t have a lot of luggage, and you travel by yourself, it’s actually possible that you can go by motorbike. In that way, you can enjoy the view on both sides and breathe in the fresh air. The rate usually starts at 7,000 VND per kilometre.

Hope that this gives you enough crucial information about Phu Bai International Airport so you can plan the trip better and more enjoyable.

Phu Bai Airport Map

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Is there a luggage storage facility or area at Phu Bai Hue Airport? I'm planning a day trip to Hue from Ho Chi Minh City and would like to leave my luggage at the airport while visiting downtown Hue. I intend to retrieve my luggage upon returning to Phu Bai Hue Airport from downtown Hue.

@Mami Okawara:

Hi! As far as we know, at present, there's no luggage storage service in Phu Bai Airport, usually that service is only available at big international airport such as Noi Bai Airport (Hanoi) and Tan Son Nhat Airport (HCMC). You should book a budget hotel or hostel instead and leave your luggage there.

Also, it's not recommended to have a day trip in Hue with arrive and departure on the same day, you'll be exhausted. You should spend at least 2 days in Hue to experience the city more enjoyable. 

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hi, is boarding planes via jet bridge at Hue airport, or do passengers need to ascend stairs to get on the plane? I will be traveling with a person in a wheelchair that cannot walk and not sure if we can fly from Hue airport.

@tracie holmes:

Hi! Depending on each flight that passengers will get on the air plane through a bridge or by van & stairs. However, with people who using wheelchair, airlines are always can support with special vehicles and facilities to board on the airplane, and there's airlines staff accompanied with you to help during the boarding time, both on and off the plane.

For getting the best support, please talk with the airlines staff at the check-in counter about your issue and they will send an employee to help you immediately.

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Hello. I would like to know if you have luggage storage facilities at Hue Airport. Thank you very much.

@Allan Weiss:

No we dont have any

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