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Hue Walking Street Hue

Hue is already well-known for its ancient, elegant, and dreamy beauty, but that doesn’t mean that the city doesn’t have its bustling and amusing charm. Hue Walking Street exists is the main proof to this point. To boost the tourism economy, Hue Walking Street was operated in 2017. Since then, it became a hot spot for visitors (especially foreigners) to discover the mysterious nightlife of Hue.

Hue Walking Street is located close to the Perfume River. More specifically, it lies in the middle of Hue City between these 3 major streets which are: Pham Ngu Lao, Vo Thi Sau, and Chu Van An. These 3 streets are considered to be streets for foreigners in Hue City. Hue Walking Street is 1-kilometer-long and scheduled to open on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 6:00 pm to 2:00 am the next day. During these 3 nights, please keep in mind that vehicles are not allowed to enter, so if you want to go there by cab, they will drop you off somewhere outside that near the walking street but not inside it. If you want to rent a bike to go there, you have to put it in a nearby parking area.

Hue walking street

Hue walking street


What To Do in Hue Walking Street

Hue Walking Street is a perfect spot for tourists to enjoy the Hue nightlife experience because it provides many amazing activities that are a lot of fun mostly including chilling, eating, shopping, etc.

One activity that is trending right now that BestPrice wants to recommend to you right away when you arrive at the walking street is enjoying incredible street music performance. It can be in the form of dancing to hip hop or K-pop music or singing acoustically. The feeling you will get from this experience is extremely special. Not a lot of time you can vibe with so many strangers, dance, and sing together in good music without worrying people are going to judge you. You will feel like your soul is getting free, your spirit is wide open, and the feeling of happiness and relaxation happens at the same time. In addition, the quality of artists who perform in Hue Walking Street is pretty high. Some hidden talents have been found during their performance in the walking street. Also, if you want to dance to more upbeat music, feel free to come by several bars, pubs, and clubs in walking street.

Hue walking street

Hue walking street

Another unique experience that can’t be found everywhere is getting yourself a portrait painting by the artists in the street. They use really simple materials, but they are skillful, and the results they create can totally surprise you. Bringing home a portrait drawing from your trip can be a valuable souvenir that will remind you of a good trip, good time, good feeling in the future.

For people who love shopping, it’s great news that you can find different kinds of stuff in the walking street at an affordable price and great quality. Moreover, it’s okay to bargain in Hue Walking Street, so don’t be shy, offer a price that you think it’s worth for the product. Some of the items that people tend to buy the most when they go here are handicrafts, jewelry influenced by Hue tradition, small souvenirs like keychains, socks, or shirts, etc.

Last but not least, trying appealing local street food is a must-do when you visit Hue Walking Street. Hue cuisine is affected a lot by traditional royal style, so if you think about it, it will be a really special experience when you can taste the dishes that followed the royal’s recipes that used to serve for the king, queen, and the whole royal family. Don’t worry about language barriers. The walking street was opened mostly for foreign visitors, so the sellers there can speak basic English. BestPrice highly suggests tourists try these popular foods to get the best cuisines: mussels rice, 36 different kinds of sweet soups, etc.

Local Tips

  • Check the weather before visiting, it will reduce the excitement if you visit on stormy or rainy days.
  • Always pay attention and keep an eye on your belongings. Pick-pocketing can happen so just make sure to stay safe.
  • If you want to take a picture of the products or the owner before or without buying things, ask for their permission first.
  • Bargaining is acceptable for items in Hue Walking Street, so feel free to negotiate the most appropriate price.

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