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Khai Dinh Tomb - Journey Into Hue's Imperial Past

Khai Dinh Tomb is an incredibly stunning architectural marvel, unlike anything else, and definitely a must-see spot. 

  • All the best artisans at that time used countless samples of colorful glass and porcelain to sculpt thousands of folk paintings to decorate the mausoleum.
  • This place preserves many historical, cultural, and artistic values, and is a testament to the once prominent cultural interference between Vietnam and Western countries.


Location: Chau Chu village, Huong Thuy District, Thua Thien Hue province.

Opening Hours: 07:00 to 17:30.

Price Ticket:

  • For adults: Around US $6.1/person.
  • For children (aged 1 - 12): Around US $1.2/person.

Khai Dinh Tomb, the last architectural work of the Nguyen Dynasty, is one of the most beautiful and unique mausoleums in the tomb system in Hue. The tomb of King Khai Dinh is one of the relics belonging to the Hue Monuments Complex recognized by UNESCO as a World Cultural Heritage in 1993.

Khai Dinh Tomb

What To See At Khai Dinh Tomb

Inside the Khai Dinh Tomb, you can explore a series of structures highlighting rich historical and cultural significance. Below are some of the main areas we recommend you explore in Khai Dinh Tomb.

Tam Quan Gate 

You will need to step over the first 37 steps to reach the Tam Quan Gate. This area shows the unique interference of Vietnamese and Indian cultures and architecture.

Tam Quan Gate

Nghi Mon And Bai Dinh Courtyard 

From Tam Quan gate, you continue 29 steps to reach Nghi Mon and Bai Dinh Yard. You can admire the statues of courtiers and soldiers carved with extremely sophisticated motifs.

Nghi Mon And Bai Dinh Courtyard 

Thien Dinh Palace

Located on the top floor, it is the burial place of King Khai Dinh. This is also the most unique sightseeing area, showing the creativity, innovation, and love of art of King Nguyen Khai Dinh.

Thien Dinh Palace

Khai Thanh Palace

This area showcases imperial grandeur with symbolic statues, offering a glimpse into the religious practices and regal history associated with Khai Dinh Tomb.

Khai Thanh Palace

How To Get There

Motorbike Rental

Price: From US $4 and $8 per day.

Motorcycles can navigate through traffic jams and crowded streets, enabling faster travel to your destination. Riding a motorbike provides an opportunity to explore the surrounding areas like a local. 

To ensure a safe rental experience, you need to have the required licensing and experience for operating a motorbike. Before you rent the motorbike, check it for any damage and take pictures to avoid problems later on.

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Brand & Contact

Price (Per Kilometer)

Mai Linh Taxi (02438333333)

US $0.4 - $0.7

Thanh Cong Taxi (02346575757)

US $0.4 - $0.8

Vang Taxi (02343797979)

Around US $0.5

Hoang Anh Taxi (02343555555)

US $0.4 - $0.7

Taxis in Hue often use meters, ensuring transparent and consistent pricing without the need for haggling. It offers ample room for your luggage and belongings, making it a suitable choice if you're traveling with bags.

Be cautious of unregistered or unofficial taxis, as they may not adhere to safety and fare regulations. If the taxi doesn't have a meter or it's not functioning, negotiate the fare with the driver before departing.


Price: One-way bus ticket price is about US $0.2

If you prefer a more budget-friendly and eco-conscious approach to getting to Khai Dinh Tomb, taking a bus can be a practical choice. You can catch bus number 05 from the Southern Bus Station to Tuan Market which has a stop in Khai Dinh Tomb.

You will be sharing the ride with locals, providing you with an authentic experience of the everyday life of the region. Buses to Khai Dinh Tomb generally run on regular schedules, providing convenient and reliable transportation options

Be sure to have the correct fare ready, preferably in Vietnamese Dong. Buses may make stops along the way, so plan for extra travel time to reach your destination punctually.

Explore Nearby Destinations

After visiting Khai Dinh Tomb, you can continue to visit some nearby tourist destinations to gain a deeper understanding of the Ancient Capital region, such as:

Minh Mang Tomb

  • Address: Located on Cam Ke Mountain, Huong Tra District.
  • Opening hours: Daily from 07:00 - 17:30.
  • Ticket price:


Around US $4.1 /ticket


Around US $2 /ticket


Around US $0.8 /ticket

Minh Mang Tomb is another royal tomb in Hue, known for its peaceful setting. It's surrounded by lush gardens, lakes, and intricate architecture, making it a calm and scenic place to visit.

Minh Mang Tomb

Thien An Monastery

  • Address: Thuy Bang Commune, Huong Thuy District.
  • Opening hours: Daily from 06:00 - 18:00.
  • Ticket price: Free

Found on a hill near Hue, Thien An Monastery provides a serene and spiritual experience. It's a great spot to admire traditional architecture and enjoy a wide view of the countryside.

Thien An Monastery

Tu Duc Tomb

  • Address: Located on the right of Canh Vong Hill, Thuy Ba Village, Thuy Xuan Ward.
  • Opening hours: Daily from 07:30 - 17:30.
  • Ticket price: 


Around US $6.1 /ticket


Around US $1.2 /ticket

The tomb complex features ornate courtyards and temples. The architecture showcases a blend of Vietnamese and Chinese design elements, making it a visually captivating site.

Tu Duc Tomb

Thieu Tri Tomb

  • Address: Cu Chang Village, Huong Thuy District.
  • Opening hours: Daily from 07:00 - 17:00.
  • Ticket price: 


Around US $2 /ticket



Thieu Tri Tomb seamlessly combines traditional Vietnamese and imperial architectural styles. The lush gardens and tranquil lakes add to the charm of this historical gem.

Thieu Tri Tomb

Local Tips When Exploring Khai Dinh Tomb

Respect The Culture: You should choose polite clothing and avoid offensive clothing when visiting the mausoleum.

Caution Tripping: Visitors need to pay attention to the slope of the stairs when moving to ensure safety and avoid tripping and falling.

Pack Necessary Things: You may bring comfortable footwear, water, and sunscreen, especially during hot weather.

Beware of Scams: Be cautious when dealing with street vendors or individuals offering souvenirs. It's recommended to make purchases from reputable sources to avoid overpriced or counterfeit items.

Security: Keep your belongings secure to avoid theft.

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