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Koh Khai Nok Island Phuket

Phuket is known for the best islands and beaches to enjoy an escape voyage from reality. Each island has its own unique beauty compared to others; there is no better way to explore this city than going from island to another island. If you're not sure which island to go on, the top-rated one is Koh Khai, ready to serve you the best vacation ever!

Koh Khai Nok is a small island nestled in Phang Nga Bay, only about 30 minutes drive from the east coast of Phuket. Despite its relatively small area, Koh Khai Nok still has a lot to explore. Koh Khai consists of 3 small islands, Khai Nok, Khai Nai and Khai Nui. The archipelago of clear water all year round is covered with colorful corals and diverse marine life. The island complex is small yet possesses many exciting bars and services such as snorkeling, scuba diving or water skiing for you to enjoy all kinds of exciting emotions with the clear blue sea and crystal white sand.

Stunning view of Koh Khai Island

Stunning view of Koh Khai Island


1. What to do in Koh Khai Nok

This place is very popular for families with young children, shallow water allowing children to get close to marine creatures and feed them. A lot of tourists say it is one of the best places in Thailand for snorkeling, especially for kids.

Exciting beach activities in Koh Khai

Exciting beach activities in Koh Khai


On the island of Koh Khai, tourists will get to enjoy fresh tropical fruits such as pineapples, watermelons as well as some snacks like grilled corn and seafood skewer. Nothing can beat the feeling of sitting in the bar drinking cocktail and chilling with music after a whole day of diving, swimming, and taking photos.

Coming to Khai Island, you will feel as if you are a beautiful mermaid with a shiny tail that is leisurely enjoying the clear sunlight and the blue wave. You will be surrounded by thousands of colorful fish frolicking among the rocks. Do not forget to bring your camera for taking the best pictures with tropical fishes as a backdrop. 

If you want to buy handicraft souvenirs, beach wears, dive equipment, or t-shirts, the island has some souvenirs stalls. 

Crystal clear water and light sunshine in Koh Khai

Crystal clear water and light sunshine in Koh Khai


2. How to get yo Koh Khai Nok

  • If you excel at navigation and are fond of discovering islands by yourself, you can rent a high-speed boat for a day or two to visit Koh Khai. 
  • You can book island tours before your Thailand trip or at the hotel.

Koh Khai Nok Island Map

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