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Ky Son Village

Ky Son Village is a peaceful village which is a good way to stretch yourself out after working your butt off all year long.

Ky Son Village is a hamlet of the historic Duong Lam Village. Located at Son Tay District, about 55km far from Hanoi with many traditional houses which some are up to 200 years old. There is also home to Moon Garden homestay. As a small village, Moon Garden homestay offers tourist chance to experience the traditional life and cultural in the countryside of Vietnam.

Ancient House in Ky Son Village

An Ancient House in Ky Son Village

You can find out lots of traditional architecture features in traditional ancient houses in Ky Son Village. The houses and furniture are almost made from wood and decorated by carving ancient patterns which familiar with ancient life such as: lotus, phoenix, dragon, etc. The yard has areca and betel trees in front of the house and sometimes has a large garden with many kind of fruit trees and flowers. Especially, there is a traditional cathedral in Moon Garden homestay which was separated into different parts and moved from Thai Binh, where is very famous for Christianity, to Ky Son Village. However, this cathedral is a place for holding event and serving meal now, it does not have religion meaning anymore.

Stay here, you will be able to enjoy many countryside activities. You can attend a cooking class to learn how to cook some popular traditional food like spring roll and leave wrapped beef roll. Riding bike through the village across green fields, temple and pagoda to have an overview of countryside people daily routine. Tourist will have opportunity to become a true farmer by taking part in some farming activities such as: cutting the grass, harvesting, fishing, farming, etc. A short journey to Ba Vi National Park, which about 13 km away from Ky Son Village, is also a good idea for you.

Farming in Ky Son Village

Farming in Ky Son Village

Taking part in a tour is the best way for you if you do not have experience in traveling and want to get more knowledge that given by tour guide. You can also take a taxi or hire private car because they are the most convenient ways for you to go in a group.

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Hello, interested in visiting but what would be the best way to get here from Hanoi?

@Katie M:

You can take the local bus or rent a private car with cost 70 USD for 2 people.

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