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Situated on Samamsenthai Road, Lao National museum collects, preserves and displays many priceless antiquities, photos and objects of different historical periods of Laos from the wars against colonist enemies, to the time of developing Laos economy.

ExhibitionWeapons on Laos War against enemies.Outside areaOutside areaStatues of Laos soldiersLaos National Museum

The Laos National Museum is located on Samsenthai road, opposite the Cultural Hall. This museum was established in 1925 as the French residence and located in a French colonial construction. In 2007, The United States donated a grant to contribute to help develop Laos National Museum. Until now, this museum still work with its main responsibility is highlighting the revolution of Laos' people to free the country from enemies.

What to see
On the ground floor, you have an overview about collections in the museum. The museum preserves numerous features from dinosaur period, Hindu sculptures, to various artifacts reflecting traditional culture and everyday living of Laos people such as pottery fragments, drums or single jar from the Plain of Jars in Savannakhet.

On the second floor, there are many collections and photos of machine guns, old prisons, etc illustrating the national history of Laos at different periods from 1353 such as the history of Lan Xang, the French colonial period, the first Indochina war and the periods of development of Laos from 1975.
The final room is used for displaying the collections about Laos' agricultural achievements and involvement with the ASEAN.

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