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Lat Village located about 12 kilometers to the North of Dalat, Lat village is the center of the Lat community lying at the foot of Langbiang Mountain.

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Lat Village (pronounced “lak”) is considered as the home of the Lat ethnic minority, a local hill tribe from whom Dalat takes part of its name. Nowadays there are less than 6000 people living in the village, spreading across 9 hamlets. Only five of Lat Village’s hamlets are actually Lat; residents of the other four are members of the Chill, Ma, and K'Ho tribes. It's worth peeking into the Catholic church for a glimpse of a K'Ho ritual pole alongside the altar. It is said that you will know when you arrive in Lat village if you spot the concrete statue.

The closest, 12km north of Dalat, have seen frequent visitation and retain little authenticity, although it is possible to visit a traditional house and hear local stories from an older Lat gentleman. Tourists should bear in mind that this is a poor area and the people are trying their hardest to make ends meet.

Lat Villagers

Lat Villagers

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Asked by Mike Jones, April 26, 2021
The Chicken Village, where the concrete chicken is, is 17 km south of Dalat. It isn't at the base of Langbiang Mountain. That is Lat Village.
BestPrice, April 26, 2021
@Mike Jones: Thanks for your comment. Lat Village is different with Chicken Village. Lat Village located 12km south of Da Lat while Chicken Village located in 15Km east of Da lat. Please check it on google maps. Regards,