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Linh An Pagoda

Linh An Pagoda is one of the famous ancient architecture in Dalat city. When visiting here, visitors could not help admiring the beauty of the temple. Linh An pagoda is built on a hill, located far from the city center, but its architecture can compare to many modern pagodas, but still showing the unique, majestic, amidst the mountainous nature.

Located less than 30 km far from the center of Da Lat city, Linh An Pagoda was built in 1993 on a high hill, facing Elephant Waterfalls. Due to its location is in a high position and next to a large waterfall, the atmosphere here is very fresh and cool, giving visitors who come here to visit feeling relaxed and full of interest.

Linh An pagoda

Linh An Pagoda

The most wonderful place of Linh An pagoda is the Main hall (built in 1999), over 1,400m2 wide, roofed with red tiles. In the Main Hall, there are two steps on both sides leading up to the shrine, they are decorated by two delicate dragons made of 20 meters of cement. Maitreya statue stands in the yard of Linh An pagoda, the statue is 12.5m high, 6.5m wide, 9m wide (occupying over 630m2 of space). On the left of the garden, there is a statue of Thich Ca collection, Lam Ti Ni garden, etc. In addition, Linh An pagoda also owns many precious Buddha statues, crafted extremely sophisticated.

Huge Buddha Statue In Linh An Pagoda

Huge Buddha Statue In Linh An Pagoda

Linh An Pagoda - a hidden pagoda in Dalat is not only a sanctuary for worshiping Buddha, but this place is also a hot tourist destination in Dalat. When coming here visitors can offer incense to the Buddha. Then admire the beautiful natural landscape mountains. Feel an extremely fresh and peaceful atmosphere that is nowhere else having.

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